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What is Wurm? The Ultimate Sandbox

A sandbox MMORPG that has pushed the boundaries on what it means to be open world and stood the test of time. Dig, mine, shape the world around you and make your lasting mark!

Player Freedom Creating worlds

Enjoy a vast, persistent universe where you can freely explore, build, and shape the environment to your liking. From constructing structures and settlements to terraforming the land and creating intricate canal systems, Wurm Online provides a deep sense of immersion and creative freedom.

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Build, craft and explore in Wurm Online. But make sure you have the wiki close at hand when you unleash your creativity in our immersive sandbox MMORPG.


Features of Wurm Online

Choose your way to play

Wurm offers dedicated PvE and PvP servers, allowing you to choose how you want to play. Brave the wild lands of PvP where every player is an enemy waiting, or join the Freedom cluster and make your mark on the land.

Explore the World of Wurm

Explore the vast and wild lands of Wurm by foot, cart, horse and ship. Build everything from simple horse drawn carts to mighty caravels to travel the seas. Build roads across the land to connect the world together.

Collect Resources

Harvest raw materials from metal ores to wood, crops and clay. Refine them to turn them into useful materials and create items from tools and weapons to armour and furniture. Choice of material matters with different bonuses for each type.

Create Everything You Need

Craft and trade tools, weapons, armour and resources, using skills such as blacksmithing, carpentry, tailoring, and more, with over 130 skills in an uncapped system you can become a master of any and all trades.

Sail the seven seas

Sail between servers as a commander or as a passenger. Ship building in Wurm Online starts from simple crude canoes up to massive 13 crew caravels. Put on your captain's hat and find your crew, the seas await.

Shape the world

The world of Wurm has no instances, any change you make affects others and shows to them in real time. The world of Wurm starts completely untouched by humans, with nothing but wild untamed lands. It is your job to tame this land, and shape the land around you by digging, mining and clearing. Start your own settlement wherever you desire with non instanced, fully customisable building and player housing.

Make Your Mark

Become a master craftsman, a priest of one of four deities with the ability to enchant tools and weapons and destroy foes, or a hunter finding the legendary creatures such as the Troll king, Forest Giant or even Dragons!

Build, Craft and create

The crafting in Wurm Online is different to most games as it gives you a profound sense of accomplishment when you complete a project. The raw, hands-on experience where you not only gather your materials but you are the one that puts it all together. Brick by brick, beam by beam, every piece is added by you. The result of your skill and effort is not only visible to you but to all players of Wurm Online. Each with their own achievements joining together to complete the world around us.

Subscription and Currency

What is Premium?

As a premium player, you'll have access to advanced skill levels (up to a max of 100 instead of 20). A higher skill level unlocks new crafting and building options. Premium enables you to master any skill and with it become a master craftsman and even cast powerful spells. Subscription also comes with a wider range of mountable creatures to ride.

The importance of Silver

In Wurm Online, Silver Coins are the in-game currency that enables players to engage in our player-driven economy. With Silver Coins, you can purchase premium items from the shop, more services, and let you claim land to call your own. Silver is also used for trade with fellow players, acquiring valuable resources and tools to aid your project. Trade items for Silver Coins at the community marketplaces.

Beware of the Beasts Dragonslayer

In Wurm Online, dragons are only some of the fearsome creatures that players might encounter in their travels. Joining the ranks of over a dozen unique creatures, including troll kings and forest giants, they are among the most powerful and dangerous creatures in the land, possessing immense strength and a variety of deadly attacks. Spawning randomly throughout the game world for players to seek out, each type with its unique set of abilities and weaknesses. Players who successfully defeat such a creature are rewarded with rare and valuable loot, making the risk of finding and battling them well worth the effort.

Friend or foe Player VS Player

PvP, or player versus player combat, is an optional aspect of Wurm Online gameplay. Players can engage in PvP by joining a kingdom on one of the game's dedicated PvP servers. These factions are in a state of constant conflict, battling for control over territory, resources, and influence in the game world. PvP combat in Wurm Online is strategic and challenging, requiring players to develop and execute effective tactics to best their opponents. Players can also choose to raid enemy bases or engage in fights with other players. However, PvP in Wurm Online is not for the faint of heart, as players risk losing valuable items and skill levels if they are defeated in combat. As such, players must be prepared to invest time and effort into developing their characters and acquiring powerful gear if they hope to succeed in the cutthroat world of Wurm Online PvP.

Wurm Online The True Sandbox Experience

Step into a world born around the idea that sandboxes should give ultimate freedom, Wurm Online aims to hold true to the original sandbox vision. With sprawling seamless lands with no instances and a true open world experience Wurm Online offers limitless opportunities for you to write your story.

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