Community Embark on an Epic Journey

Become part of a dedicated and passionate community of players, weave your own legendary tale, and leave your mark on the world of Wurm Online for all to see.

Deep game mechanics Learn as you go

With over 100 different skills to learn, you’ll always have something new to work on and master in the world of Wurm - become the best at one or all of them, the choice is yours

Get started Free up to skill level 20

Unleash your creativity in this immersive sandbox MMORPG, absolutely free up to skill level 20! Join now and embark on an unforgettable adventure while discovering endless possibilities to build, craft, and explore.

Build, Craft and create

Unleash your creativity in Wurm Online, where building, crafting, and creating are at the heart of your adventure. Shape the landscape around you by terraforming, constructing intricate structures, and developing entire settlements that showcase your personal style. Master a wide array of crafting skills, from blacksmithing and carpentry to tailoring and pottery, forging essential tools, weapons, and armor to aid in your journey. In this immersive sandbox MMORPG, every creation is a reflection of your ingenuity and determination, allowing you to leave a lasting mark on the dynamic world of Wurm Online.

What is Premium?

Elevate your Wurm Online experience with Premium Play time, unlocking a world of enhanced features and no restrictions. As a premium player, you'll enjoy access to advanced skill levels (up to a max of 100 instead of 20), the new crafting and building options those skills unlock, the option to become a priest and cast spells, more options of rideable creatures to traverse the world, and more!

The importance of Silver

In Wurm Online, Silver Coins are the in-game currency that enables players to engage in the vibrant player-driven economy and enhance their gaming experience. With Silver Coins, you can also purchase premium items, services, and even land to establish your presence in the world. Use them to trade with fellow players, acquiring valuable resources and tools to aid your progress, or exchange them for coveted items at community marketplaces. By amassing Silver Coins, you'll unlock new possibilities and opportunities, allowing you to create your own unique legacy in the captivating realm of Wurm Online.

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