Terms of Service

Agreeing to this agreement is part of playing the game. If you download and play the game, it is assumed that you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below as well as the privacy policy available here //www.wurmonline.com/privacy-policy/.

Code Club AB is not interested in cheating anyone, and we’ll always do our best to help resolve any problems that might occur. However, by registering a Wurm Online account, you agree to the following terms: 

Here is a brief non exhaustive summary to help you. However, please ensure you read the full terms and conditions contained in the rest of this agreement as it is those that you are agreeing to.

  • Wurm Online is Copyright Code Club AB
  • You agree to pay any charges associated with a premium account
  • You are solely responsible for the security of your password
  • You have no ownership in the account; this is a service provided by Code Club AB.
  • Purchase of silver coins is payment for a service provided by Code Club AB. Silver coins have no real world value.
  • You must abide by the Wurm Online game rules, forum and chat rules as published by Code Club now or in the future
  • You must follow the rules for choosing a player name
  • The Java Client is supplied as is and Code Club AB accepts no responsibility for any damage to your system
  • You may not use any third party software that adds functionality or mines data from the servers or client.
  • You must agree to all the terms stated below. These terms may be revised from time to time and applied retrospectively to all accounts.


Wurm Online is the copyrighted work of Code Club AB and all content is the copyrighted work of Code Club AB and its affiliates, and all use of the Wurm Online service is governed by the terms and conditions as stated in this agreement, including any future revisions that may be implemented.

Use of a Wurm Online account indicates your agreement with these terms and conditions. All terms and conditions in this agreement apply retrospectively to all Wurm Online accounts.

Creation of this account allows you the exclusive use of this account for playing the Wurm Online game by accessing the service provided by Code Club AB pursuant to the terms and conditions in this agreement. You acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interest in the Account and that the account is under the sole ownership of Code Club AB.

Initial creation of an account is free, however should this account be used to access services on servers that are or may be in the future reserved for subscription premium accounts, you hereby agree to pay all charges incurred by the Account, including applicable taxes, in accordance with billing terms for access to the Service that are in effect at the time that the fee or charge becomes payable.

Code Club AB may, in its sole and absolute discretion, suspend or terminate your access to the Service and disable or delete the Account.

The registration process requires you to register a user name, password and email address. You are solely responsible for the security of your Password. Never give your password to another or allow anyone other than yourself to use your password.

Code Club AB is not responsible for any harm that may result to the Account (including but not limited to loss of skills, deletion of the account or loss of inventory) as a result of a lost or shared password and may be unable to restore your character to its original status.

A Player account gives personal and individual access to the Wurm Online game. Unauthorised access to another player’s account is not accepted as any part of the Wurm Online game or some kind of strategy, but a violation of their private data. Any player who accesses any account without authorisation will have their own account and any subsidiary accounts immediately and permanently deleted from the database.

The purchase of Silver Coins in the online store is payment for the service which we provide to add the fictional currency to you in game account. Silver, Iron, Copper and Gold coins are deemed to have no value and are purely a function of the game story. Use of this service does not imply ownership of the coins.


It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself and abide by the Game Rules, Forum Rules and Chat Rules and all future revisions thereof that must be adhered to by all users of Wurm Online. You may find a copy of the current rules on the forums or by clicking this link.

In creating an account you may not choose any name that includes swear words or words that are seen to be defamatory, obscene, hateful or racially or religiously offensive. The name must not violate the rights of any other individual or company, nor be seen to impersonate any public figure or related to pop culture or personas.

Your chosen name must not be an attempt to impersonate any other player of Wurm Online, or any of the moderation team (Game Masters and Chat Moderators) or the owners of Wurm Online and their affiliates.


Playing of the Wurm Online game requires the download and installation of the Wurm Online Java client and the installation of the required java libraries.

You accept that the Online Client is provided as is and Code Club AB accept no responsibility for any damage, data loss or other problems associated with the installation and use of the client.

You agree that:

  • You will not modify or cause to be modified in anyway any files that are part of the Wurm Online client or any additional packs.
  • You will not create cheats, modifications or any software designed to alter the Wurm Online game experience in anyway.
  • You will not create or use any third party software or application that intercepts or “mines” any data from the Wurm Online servers or from the Wurm Online client, or use data resulting from the use of such software by any other persons.
  • You will not initiate, assist or be involved with any attack upon the Wurm Online servers or in any way attempt to disrupt the playing experience of other players. Please be aware that any attempt by you or any other player on an account traceable to you that undermines the legitimate operation of the Wurm Online game is a violation of criminal and civil law and Code Club AB reserves the right to seek damages to the full extent permitted under the law.

Code Club AB will continue to maintain and run the Wurm Online game service until such a time as it is deemed to be “out of publication.” This service maybe subjected to testing and maintenance outages from time to time. Code Club AB is not under any obligation to refund through any mechanism for game time lost through any “downtime” in the Wurm Online Service. Code Club AB may at its own discretion credit player accounts using the “Sleep Bonus” mechanism.


You are entirely liable for all activities conducted through your account and are responsible for ensuring that the game rules and other rules as published on the Wurm Online site are followed at all times. If you break any of the rules you risk getting temporarily or permanently banned from playing Wurm Online. Your premium game time will not be paused during this time.

Code Club AB reserves the right to modify, add to or supplement or delete these terms and conditions at any time. All such changes shall be seen as applying retrospectively to all accounts.

By playing the game you acknowledge that your use of the Wurm Online service is an acknowledgment of your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Wurm Online Game Agreement.

Sharing of User Generated Material

CodeClub approves of sharing User Generated Material based on video, music, sound or screenshots from our game Wurm Online.
You may monetize your video on sites such as youtube as we see this as fair compensation for your invested time and effort.
The conditions are that you follow our terms while playing/ obtaining the material and not use it in a way that breaks our code of conduct or portrays Wurm Online in a negative manner.
Furthermore this extends to using music from the game in materials or situations promoting Wurm Online.

© Code Club AB. Wurm Online and all related logos, characters, names and distinctive likenesses thereof are exclusive property of Code Club AB. All Rights Reserved.