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Stake your claim anywhere in the world and build fully custom structures, wage war on our PvP server with kingdom vs kingdom warfare, or focus on crafting and exploration on our PvE servers.

Crafting Mastery Progression

A complex and rewarding skill and progression system with a wide range of skills, including combat, crafting, farming, and amore. With no hard level caps, Wurm Online provides a continuous sense of progression, ensuring long-term engagement and a sense of fulfilment.

Ultimate Sandbox Shape & Build

Immerse yourself in the ultimate sandbox adventure of Wurm Online and unleash your creativity to shape the world into something uniquely yours. Change the land to your liking, design and create buildings with the freedom to see your vision take form, and decorate it all with a large variety of options.

The ultimate challenge Survival

Survival mechanics are a key component of Wurm Online gameplay, as players must manage their characters' hunger and thirst to stay alive. Hunger and thirst levels gradually decrease over time, and players must regularly consume food and drink items to replenish these levels. Furthermore, players must also consider their characters' stamina levels, as performing strenuous activities such as combat or digging can cause exhaustion, which can negatively impact their performance in various ways. The game world is also filled with a variety of creatures, many of which are dangerous to the player - you will need to be prepared to defend yourself against these threats. With these survival mechanics in place, Wurm Online offers a challenging and immersive gameplay experience that requires players to stay vigilant and make smart decisions to keep their characters alive and healthy.

The heart of Wurm Online beats with the thrill of survival. Come, become a part of its pulse.


Raise your pickaxe Mining

As you delve into the art of mining, you'll quickly discover it's not just about chipping away at rock walls. In Wurm Online, each swing of your pickaxe isn't merely a task; it's a dance with the earth, requiring careful planning and effort. The resources you extract - humble iron, precious gold, or elusive gems - are key to your survival, fueling your construction, forging, and trade. Remember, as a miner your persistent toil shapes not just the landscape you, but shapes the world for all players. So, harness your endurance, trust your instincts, and let the echo of your pickaxe guide you to untold riches beneath the rugged terrain.

The cycle of life Farming

Each seed you plant opens a world of possibilities, transforming from a tiny kernel into a thriving plant under your careful watch. Cultivate fields of golden wheat that sway in the breeze, nurture vineyards heavy with ripe grapes, or grow medicinal herbs to aid in your adventures. Even the trees you tend are part of your agricultural domain, bearing fruit, nuts, and wood for your crafting needs. The rhythm of the seasons guides your efforts, and as your crops flourish, so do you, crafting a vibrant ecosystem where your commitment reaps both tangible and intangible rewards. Farming in Wurm Online isn't just about growing crops - it's about cultivating a lifestyle and harvesting the joy of watching your efforts bear fruit.

Harvester of resources Woodcutting

Woodcutting in Wurm Online is an essential skill with a multitude of uses. The logs you gather are the building blocks of your survival and progression, serving as raw materials for constructing shelters, crafting tools, or fueling the fires that keep the cold at bay. Each wood type has its own unique qualities, making it a strategic choice for whatever you choose to create with it. Some of them will let you create more durable tools, while others will make for lighter and more accurate arrows. But woodcutting goes beyond just gathering; it's a dance of sustainable forestry, requiring you to balance your needs with the health of the forest. As a woodcutter in Wurm Online, you're not just a harvester of resources, but a caretaker of nature's invaluable bounty.

Combat abilities Fighting skills

Honing Your Warrior Spirit

In Wurm Online the clash of steel and your war cry shapes you into a formidable warrior. With a vast array of fighting skills to master, from swordsmanship and archery to defensive tactics, you become a vital guardian in this wild, untamed world. Your abilities are your lifeline, protecting you against the myriad creatures that roam the land, from the common wolves to the monstrous trolls and legendary dragons. Each victory not only enhances your combat prowess but also brings precious loot, materials for crafting, and sometimes rare items. But being a warrior is not just about physical strength; it's about strategic planning, choosing the right weapons, armour, and knowing when to fight or flee. Wurm Online, the call to arms isn't just a necessity - it's an honour that shapes your character and carves your name into our dynamic, player-driven universe.

Unity Beyond the Battlefield

Building on your fighting prowess in Wurm Online, there's an undeniable camaraderie that forms between warriors. Whether you’re a lone wanderer seeking challenge or part of a guild, each skirmish and each triumph binds you closer to your fellow combatants. With teamwork, you can conquer legendary foes, participate in epic sieges, or defend your settlement from invaders. And it's not just about glory - these shared experiences also foster trade, bartering, and skill-sharing, creating a thriving community around the shared language of combat. So, as you hone your skills, remember: your strength as a warrior is not only measured by your might but also by the alliances you forge, the friendships you cultivate, and the legacy you leave behind in the heart of Wurm Online.

So, step forth, warrior, and let your legend echo through Wurm Online.

Mastering culinary arts Cooking in wurm online

When it comes to cooking it's all about the details, it's not just about the ingredients you put into a pot, it's about understanding the process, the ingredients, and the tools. It's immersion and the art of creating a meal. We see it as a simulation of real-world cooking where preparation matters. Chop your vegetables, prepare your breads by milling your grain into flour, churning the butter, choosing the right utensil for the right job. Every ingredient, every tool, has a purpose and an effect. It's a process that demands attention and rewards you with satisfaction.
Wurm Online offers a plethora of sub-skills within cooking, like baking, beverage making, dairy food production, hot food cooking, and milling. Each of these subskills adds layers to the gameplay, creating a rich, intricate cooking system that is both realistic and engaging. Wurm Online, it's not just about unlocking a recipe. It's about mastering the art of cooking. So while both games can satisfy your virtual culinary cravings, for those looking for a deep, intricate, and immersive cooking experience, Wurm Online truly delivers.


Crafting Life from Leather Leather-working

In the world of Wurm Online, mastering the art of leatherworking offers you a unique path of craftsmanship. Leather, sourced from the wild beasts you encounter, becomes the canvas for your creativity and resourcefulness, resulting in a diverse range of essential items. Craft durable armour that offers protection in your daring adventures, make saddles and harnesses for your loyal horse, or fashion intricate tool belts to carry your items. The art of leatherworking is not just about the product but the process, a testament to your ability to utilise every resource to its fullest. As a leatherworker in Wurm Online, you are a vital cog in the wheel of our player-driven economy.

Shaping Stone, Crafting Worlds Masonry

In Wurm Online, the craft of masonry transforms you from a mere inhabitant to a creator of worlds. The stone you shape, whether quarried from the heart of mountains or gathered from riverbeds, becomes the foundation of your creativity. With your skilled hands, raw stone evolves into sturdy walls of fortresses, intricately laid cobblestone roads, towering monuments, and even the humble hearth that warms your home. Not only does your work provide practical benefits like protection and infrastructure, but it also allows you to imprint your personal style on the landscape. As a mason, you don't just build structures; you shape the very canvas of Wurm Online, turning the wild into a testament of human resilience and creativity.

From Wood, Worlds Emerge Carpentry

As you master the art of carpentry, you become a vital architect of civilization. With each plank you shape, you are turning the bounty of the forests into crucial tools for survival and progress. Your skilled hands craft essential items, from robust furniture and housing elements to sturdy carts for transportation and finely tuned bows for hunting. But beyond the practical, carpentry also allows you to express your creativity, whether it's designing a grandiose mansion or carving intricate decorations. As a carpenter, you're not just creating objects, you're shaping the world of Wurm Online, leaving a mark that echoes your skill and resourcefulness.

Forging Progress in Fire Blacksmithing

In Wurm Online, your journey into blacksmithing immerses you in the primal dance of fire and metal, shaping the world around you one strike at a time. Your forge becomes a crucible of creation where raw ores are transformed into indispensable tools, formidable weapons, and resilient armors. The clanging rhythm of your hammer against metal resonates with the echo of progress, whether you're crafting a sturdy pickaxe for mining, a sharp sword for combat, or horseshoes for your steed. As a blacksmith, your work is etched into every corner of Wurm Online, your craft a testament to the indomitable spirit of human ingenuity in our player-driven universe

Weaving wonders with magic Spells and Abilities

Magic allows you to wield powerful spells and abilities. To use magic, you must first become a follower and later a priest of one of our four deities. As different spells have different Faith requirements, which is the main skill that must be mastered by a priest.

Spells in Wurm Online can range from simple abilities like healing or creating magical lights, to more complex spells like enchanting items to be more powerful or dealing damage to your opponents. These consume mana that can be replenished through sacrificing items.

Additionally, as a priest you can perform rituals to your and the entire community's benefit, and bestow blessings on others. With a wide variety of spells and abilities to discover, magic in Wurm Online offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience that rewards players who invest time and effort into developing their characters' magical abilities.

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