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Specializing & Cooporation Player driven economy

Wurm Online encourages players to specialize in various professions, such as blacksmithing, farming, or animal husbandry, and work together to create a thriving community. You can trade goods and services, establish marketplaces, and collaborate on large-scale projects.

Total Freedom Immersive Sandbox

Enjoy a vast, persistent universe where you can freely explore, build, and shape the environment to your liking. From constructing structures and settlements to terraforming the land and creating intricate canal systems, Wurm Online provides a deep sense of immersion and creative freedom.

Rewarding Gameplay Skill and Progression

A complex and rewarding skill and progression system with a wide range of skills, including combat, crafting, farming, and more. With over 100 skills to master, Wurm Online provides a continuous sense of progression, ensuring long-term engagement and a sense of fulfillment.

Community Power Wurm Online Premium

Unlock Endless Possibilities

In Wurm Online, choosing to upgrade to Premium unlocks a world of enhanced possibilities and unbridled adventure. As a Premium player, you are not just an observer but a dynamic contributor to the game's evolving tapestry. You gain access to skills above level 20, allowing you to delve deeper into your chosen craft, whether it's blacksmithing, carpentry, or one of our many other skills. The ability to claim land lets you shape the world more significantly, building grand structures, cultivating extensive farms, or establishing influential settlements.

Shape Wurm's Destiny

Premium is more than just added features - it's about becoming an integral part of Wurm Online's vibrant community. With the freedom to participate in the player-driven economy fully, you can engage in meaningful trade, form strategic alliances, and partake in community-driven projects. It's about leaving your mark, sharing in the collective triumphs, and contributing to the shared history of this immersive world. Remember, in Wurm Online, playing Premium is your ticket to a richer, more fulfilling adventure.

Embrace the endless possibilities and community power of Wurm Online - upgrade to Premium and carve out your unique journey!

The three pillars

Beware of the Beasts Dragonslayer

In Wurm Online, dragons are only some of the fearsome creatures that players might encounter in their travels. Joining the ranks of over a dozen unique creatures, including troll kings and forest giants, they are among the most powerful and dangerous creatures in the land, possessing immense strength and a variety of deadly attacks. Spawning randomly throughout the game world for players to find, each type has its unique set of abilities and weaknesses. Players who successfully defeat such a creature are rewarded with rare and valuable loot, making the risk of finding and battling them well worth the effort. However, taking them on is no easy feat, and players must approach these beasts with caution and careful planning if they hope to emerge victorious.

Friend or foe Player VS Player

PvP, or player versus player combat, is an optional aspect of Wurm Online gameplay. Players can engage in PvP by joining a kingdom on one of the game's dedicated PvP servers. These factions are in a state of constant conflict, battling for control over territory, resources, and influence in the game world. PvP combat in Wurm Online is strategic and challenging, requiring players to develop and execute effective tactics to best their opponents. Players can also choose to raid enemy bases or engage in fights with other players. However, PvP in Wurm Online is not for the faint of heart, as players risk losing valuable items and skill levels if they are defeated in combat. As such, players must be prepared to invest time and effort into developing their characters and acquiring powerful gear if they hope to succeed in the cutthroat world of Wurm Online PvP.

Lore and history The World of Wurm

Wurm Online is set in a rich and immersive world steeped in a rich setting with well over a decade of player-made history. Explore the world of Wurm, with its many moons, vast land to settle and explore, strange creatures, and much more. Whether you want to fend off invasions from the demonic moon of Jackal, tunnel a path through a mountain and settle its peak, plant the largest orchard you’ve ever seen, or simply explore the thousands of square kilometers of land and sea the world has to offer, Wurm is sure to give you the opportunity.

Wealth, Power, Progress Silver and Trading

Symbol of Success

As the in-game currency of Wurm Online, silver coins will be your ticket to participating in the world’s economy. Coins can be used for purchasing a Premium subscription, buying items in the online shop, or even buying and maintaining land in-game to call your own.

Powering Wurm's Economy

Beyond their other uses, silver coins hold a deeper significance in Wurm Online as the currency of choice for player-to-player transactions, making them an essential part of the game's economy. Owning silver coins opens the door to your participation in the intricate web of trade and barter that forms the backbone of the Wurm community. Whether you're a miner selling high-quality ores, a farmer trading crops, or a warrior bartering loot, your silver coins echo your hard work and dedication, becoming an emblem of your journey in this immersive world.

Players cannot create silver coins, and their rarity makes them a very valuable commodity.

Seize your tools, prepare your wares, and step into the thrilling economy of Wurm Online - where your quest for silver could shape your destiny!

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