Valrei Entertainment Network

What is the Valrei Entertainment Network?

The Valrei Entertainment Network (VEN for short) is the Wurm Online livestreamer support program, aimed at recognising and supporting the Wurmians who share their adventures for all to enjoy.

Below are some of the members of the Valrei Entertainment Network as well as a little bit about them, be sure to follow them on to keep up to date on when they are streaming!


Bloody Drongo a.k.a. Emoo

Bloody Drongo aka Emoo in the Wurm Community has been playing since late 2005, and during that time has been involved in many ways in Wurms community. Serving time under both Woosoo and Gurubear as a team writer, GM/CM positions as staff and helping to promote communities in various roles; both in PvE and PvP aspects of the game. These days the 26 year old Aussie devotes alot of his spare time to Youtube, Twitch and drinking out of shoes.



Fabricant has been part of the Wurm community since 2010. After spending years wandering the lands living entirely off raw fish and mushrooms, he turned to meditation as he was unable to find his purpose. In an intense vision, the lord of the boars helped him discover his affinity for archaeology. Now he’s determined to uncover fragments of the past and find out what happened to the ancient boar tribe. When he’s not playing in the dirt, you might find him complaining at a rift, starting new projects never to be completed or worshipping the boars.



After 7 years of staring at a silver altar, Nefer decided to get out see the world. Now he is out and about running from trolls and falling down cliffs. Join him as he wanders around the lands of Wurm Online and comments on things he sees.



KatsPurr, who some of you may know as Malena in Wurm, is an artist, a game developer and a gamer with the passion for sandbox MMOs. Naturally, Wurm is KatsPurr’s very favorite, a game she first stepped into in 2013. On both her Twitch and YouTube channels, you’ll find random moments of her everyday life playing Wurm Online or her ongoing work with the “Ultima Nostalgia” project – the goal being, to recreate the Ultima Online map on her server in Wurm Unlimited. In addition to her channels, Kats also runs a Wurm fan site which offers a handy dandy item list which allows you to browse through all the Wurm 3d models easily. 


To keep up to date with when streamers go live, you can also follow our Twitch community at

How do I join?

If you stream Wurm Online, be sure to contact us via this link here, and you too could join the Valrei Entertainment Network, with various incentives such as:

  • Monthly deed stipend!
  • Contribution to giveaways!
  • Insider peeks on new and upcoming works!
  • Time with the developers! (We promise this is a bonus)
  • And much more

To qualify, we require a steady history of streaming Wurm, over 50 followers or subscribers, and good standing in the game and on your streaming platform, we expect all platform rules to be adhered to as well as ingame rules.