Help us test our new Mega-Server on Thursday!

On Thursday 10/4 at 22.00 hrs CEST we will test a Mega Sized Server and want you to help us out! The size we are testing is 16 times the size of our current largest servers.

Our current largest servers are 16×16 kilometers, and this new map is 64×64 kilometers, or 4096 square kilometers, non-instanced, single zone fully modifiable, living terrain!

We want to see how many players can be on the server simultaneously and see how bad the lag gets on the client and server under heavy load. There will also be 50 000 creatures roaming the wilderness (which is a fairly low population in Wurm terms).
NO REGISTRATION WILL BE REQUIRED FOR JOINING THE TEST! You will just have to type in your desired nickname and a random password and click play once we provide the link to the client used for the test.
Apart from the fact that no other MMO has ever launched a modifyable map of this size, running this many players in one game zone is pretty unusual in itself and will be an interesting experience. We strongly suggest you join in.
We will livestream the event on
In case all goes well we’ll consider releasing the server within a few weeks after some more testing and tweaking.
We will post a link to the game client used for these tests on our launcher and in the news section of the web site approximately half an hour before the test goes live. Note that this test will last approximately one hour and the server will be made unavailable afterwards and the database will probably be wiped.
Hope you can make it!
The Wurm Online Team