Skills and Characteristics


No Levels

Unlike many other MMO’s Wurm Online does not use a leveling system. Instead we use a system of skills that go from 0 to 100. All actions in Wurm are skill-based, and the result uses a combination of the skill involved and other factors such as tool or weapon quality level. You start gaining skill when you first perform an action involving that skill.


Over 130 functional skills

Having played far too many games with huge skill systems where the skills were more or less cosmetic, we want every skill to have true impact in Wurm. Our skills are used in determining the results of your actions in lots of various situations and determines the quality of goods you produce.



Most skills are tied to a characteristic such as strength. When you use the skill your strength will go up.



Skills are often ordered in groups, for instance “Shields”. The group skill gives a bonus to other skills in the same group so when you start using medium shields instead of small shields you will succeed more often.



Stay well fed and avoid being thirsty if you want to gain skill. You should also have high stamina.