Free Building and Terraforming

Building and Terraforming

Free Building

Very early on you can build your own little home. There are no dedicated areas for housing so you can establish your settlement and build pretty much wherever you want. There are no predefined houses, and you can shape them however you wish. You can also build fences and stone walls in order to protect your land, and more structures such as bridges are in development.



It is possible to alter the terrain of the whole server in both height and type. Given enough time, you may cut down a forest or create a desert all by yourself.


Living world

The world is constantly in change. Trees, bushes and grass grow, and you can plant your own fields that will yield harvest. Paths appear in often travelled areas and domestic creatures graze and stomp the ground to dirt.



You can dig the rock and create endless mines. Mines will attract subterranean creatures.