Welcome to the Wurm Online test server.

What is the test server?

When new features are about to be added to Wurm Online, they have to be tested first to make sure there are no critical bugs. A lot of testing comes from our internal team, with GM’s and other staff testing the features prior to them going live.

When it comes to larger updates, or updates with a bigger impact on the game, we open testing to the public. This helps to reduce the number of bugs at release and assists the developers since they can focus on solving them opposed to finding them. It also gives players the chance to get their hands on a feature before it goes live, guaranteeing they’ll know what they’re doing when it lands.

Setting up

To set yourself up on the test server, we have a special function that can provide weapons, armour, basic tools or materials, and allow you to set your skills and characteristics. To access this menu activate any item, right click the ground and select ‘Test’.

When you spawn a new account on the test server, you will receive some basic chain armour and weapons. To obtain tools simply use the test menu to spawn “basic tools” to get:

  • saw
  • compass
  • carving knife
  • steel and flint
  • hatchet
  • hammer
  • mallet
  • trowel
  • stone chisel
  • pelt
  • whetstone
  • file
  • small bucket

If a specific scenario requires other resources, such as channelling items, or other building, tools will be provided in the testing setup.

Testing scenarios

When we launch a feature to be tested, we will include a setup to provide you the ability to test without having to start from scratch. This includes:

  • providing materials and resources
  • Providing tools and carts
  • Landscaping and terraforming to fit the requirements
  • Other items as the situation requires.

If you need something else, you can pm a GM on IRC.

We will also outline a general procedure to test, but in may situations we require your ingenuity to generate a scenario that could potentially break the feature, so make sure to think outside the box!

The test servers

We currently have two servers, Baphomet, the PvP server, and Oracle, the PvE server. New players spawn on Oracle, and can travel to Baphomet via the teleportation portal on the starting deed.