Patch Notes 10-JUN-22


  • Bug Fix: Fix for some treasure caskets being unable to be opened.
  • Change: Vehicle names are now limited to 120 characters to prevent issues.


  • Change: UI FPS setting increased in two presets.
    • Medium: from 15 to 30
    • Low: from 5 to 10
  • Bug Fix: Fixes for window ordering, flickering, and updating.
  • Bug Fix: Changes made to tile decorations have been reverted to address memory consumption issues.

Patch Notes 08-JUN-22


  • Journal entries are not updated for previously made items.
    • This is intentional as we cannot track the previous completion of items. While the creator tag exists, it is unreliable and unavailable on all items.

Server Fixes

  • The mill salt goal should now trigger properly.
  • The 50 Recipes goal will now trigger retroactively.
  • Water/Food will now once again drain down.
  • Olive oil and spit-roasting recipes have returned, and their achievements should function.
  • Fixed rare cases where a map would fail to find a location.
  • Mules are no longer valid mission targets.

Client Fixes

  • Fixed in-game Wurmpedia
  • Fixed delay when hiding the UI
  • Fixed some UI elements always being on top
  • Added right-click option to clues with text for copying the text

Introducing Melody

Twenty-four hours ago, we launched Harmony and Defiance. Over this time, thousands of players have flooded in to explore the world of Wurm smashing our record with over 2000 concurrent users, and we’re thrilled to see this!
While we have dealt with the login issues and addressed the majority of crashes and error messages and working on resolving a few more crashes as we go, this amount of players has led to some problems with Harmony encountering some lag.
To address this, we’re announcing the launch of a second PvE server, Melody!
Melody is a smaller server, only 8kmx8km (64 sq km) but will be a new fresh piece of land to explore. It will be accessible from both the tutorial server and Harmony via one-way portal and able to be sailed to from the south coast.

We’ll be launching this server within the next few hours, so hold on tight!

Patch Notes: New Tutorial Server

Hi Everyone

With the anticipation of the launch, we spent time ensuring our servers could handle the load of players, and beefing up the player limits to guarantee that. 

Unfortunately, the tutorial server also handles player transfers, logins, and other vital connections, which meant the attempts to log in were hitting the login server twice as hard as it had to handle more connections per person. 

We set the limit very cautiously, and we know this was a large cause of frustration, but while doing so, we took the steps necessary to address this. 

Thanks to the hard work of our server dev, we have split the tutorial from the existing login server to a new, dedicated tutorial server, called Haven. 

This addition will mean faster logins and transfers, and the hardware for the tutorial server can focus on players going through the tutorial alone. 

We’ll be doing a more extensive review of this to share later, and thank you for your patience with this time!

As a means of apology, we will be extending the 30% skill gain and affinity gain chance by 2 days. 

  • PvP notes:Grave stones no longer stack in piles with other items.
  • Grave stones will now spawn inside mines when a player is killed there.
  • Removed 20 fightskill requirment to repair towers.

Patch Notes: 24/JUL/20 Golden Valley Returns!

New tutorial on Golden Valley is now available for new characters – upon finishing (or skipping) that you will be able to teleport to Northern Freedom Isles through Harmony. If you want to play on Defiance, you must use the portal available in the starter villages of Harmony to transfer to Defiance.

PvE (Harmony) rules are the same as all other Freedom Isles servers, with the exception of rift, rift scouts and imbue crafting being currently disabled

  • The new UI Client is now the default one
  • The old UI client is still available through the Choose Client Shortcut
  • Please leave any feedback with the new UI here

PvP Change Summary:

  • All elevation reset changes cross over to this server. (Listed below).
    • Maximum digging slope has been reduced to 150 .
    • Maximum surface mining / tunneling slope has been reduced to 60.
    • There now needs to be a minimum of 3 tiles between mine doors.
    • A deed will disband automatically after five chained deed drains.
    • Meditation abilities over level 9 have been disabled.
    • Hate Damage Bonus Now Increases lockpicking chance.
    • Element Immunity now only lasts 5 minutes down from 30.
    • Removed rare bonus from boats(No replacement for now).
    • Rare horse gear now takes less damage instead of granting a speed bonus.
    • Horses give birth faster.
    • Border crossing will be disabled, travel only available via portal.
    • Trader contracts will not be purchasable and traders cannot be placed.
      • Traders will only sell Res Stones/Large Magic Chests/Sleep Powder/Shaker Orbs and can only be found in your starter town.
    • Increased cooldowns on Truestrike, Stoneskin and Continuum
    • Physical damage resistance and penalty effects from sorcery items changed to fall damage.
    • Karma home teleport has been disabled.
    • Hell horses and Unicorns cannot be hitched or ridden.
  • Players will move between the new PvP and PvE server with a portal that is easily craftable and also available in the starter zones. All skills except Fighting will cross back and forth, faith and meditation paths do not cross, and items do not cross.
  • Starting areas have a zone around them providing some extra benefits and restrictions
    • Much stronger tower guard spawns inside this zone instead of the normal ones.
    • Reduced damage from siege weapons.
    • Villages here have no silver removed when drained, only left in to allow breaking mine reinforcements.
    • Shorter raid windows than outside the starting islands..
    • Max village size 10 tiles in each direction with no additional perimeter allowed inside this zone.
    • Capitals cannot be located inside this safe zone. 
    • Artifacts in the safe zone will lose charges every hour even when on players.
    • Battle camp towers cannot spawn inside or within 100 tiles of safe areas.
  • Deeds can now only be raided during raid windows, villages will be able to pick the time this window opens, and this can only be changed every 2 weeks. You will be able to view the window and how long until it starts by right-clicking any wall/fence on the deed from any distance. Starter villages will be 100% unraidable.
    • Raid windows will be 2 hours for safe zones and 6 hours outside them; as people start raiding, we will see how this affects it and tweak accordingly.
    • Lockpicking will always work even outside raid windows.
    • If you find ways to damage deeds outside of raid windows, you are expected to report it and not abuse it.
  • Valrei changes will be coming in a patch not long after release, we ran into issues and did not want to delay the PvP server for it.
  • There will be a few karma spells castable by anyone with a gem staff/karma to use them:
    • Summon Skeletons/Wraith/Worg
    • Mirrored Self
    • Stone/Ice/Fire walls
  • Random chest spawns will return and can contain crafting supplies, good compasses, gems, traps, arrows, and rarely seryll lumps/rare bones that transfers its rarity to 1 item.
  • Weapons/Armour tweaks to change the meta up, we will be leaving this undocumented.
  • Increased shield/shield bashing skill outside of the safe zones.
  • Village war bonus will now reduce the damage your walls/fences take from siege weapons and no longer increase players damage.
  • Locate souls will have a reduced range; this will also include locating corpses.
  • Off deed reinforcements will have a much higher chance to break when using the disintegrate spell.
  • Messages like lost link/left the world/logged in will only be shown to people in your own kingdom.

Wurm Unlimited Announcement

Wurm Unlimited Logo

We at Code Club, together with Plug In Digital, are very proud to announce Wurm Unlimited – the next step for the Wurm Fantasy Sandbox!

Coming to Steam the 21st of October 2015, Wurm Unlimited allows you to play in the Wurm world locally on your PC and even host persistent servers yourselves.

The game is pretty much a full copy of the current MMO engine with Steam integration. The idea behind the release is to present the Wurm world to new players and also help players who never got into the game to experience it in a more relaxed way. Hopefully our current or previous players will find it entertaining as well.

There are initially two modes planned for release: “Adventure”, which is a predefined world with a few warring kingdoms to live in and explore, and “Creative” which is an undeveloped map. The main goal for the Adventure mode will be to find a way of becoming a deity on the moon Valrei which we think is suitable both for a single player and a group of players either cooperating or belonging to different kingdoms.

In both modes you can set your player to become a Game Master with the possibility to instantly create items, summon creatures, build and terraform faster in order to create the experience you want for other players or just fool around with the features. You can also copy the whole game directory of any mode and create own, custom modes. You will be able to tweak variables such as initial skill values, skill gain rate, action timers and max number of creatures. It will also be possible to connect servers to each other and travel between them in order to create large persistent clusters.

Go ahead and check out the Steam page at!

We will also write compile an FAQ. If you have questions, please post them in the relevant thread in our forum section here.

Wurm and Code Club in a nutshell:
Code Club is the independent game developer behind the sandbox MMO Wurm Online.
Released commercially in 2006 the game is still unique in that it features a persistent non-instanced fantasy sandbox world with complex terraforming, a player driven economy, free location player housing and settlements coupled with a huge feature set.

Plug in Digital in a nutshell:

Plug in Digital focuses on distributing video games on digital platforms. Our motto, “Your games everywhere” explains it all. The company provides turnkey solutions for worldwide distribution and trade marketing in order to support video games throughout their entire lifecycles. Working hand in hand with all major distribution platforms as well as the main retail and cloud gaming actors, Plug in Digital’s team ensures an outstanding exposure and monetization of your games.

For more information: