Wurm Unlimited Announcement

Wurm Unlimited Logo

We at Code Club, together with Plug In Digital, are very proud to announce Wurm Unlimited – the next step for the Wurm Fantasy Sandbox!

Coming to Steam the 21st of October 2015, Wurm Unlimited allows you to play in the Wurm world locally on your PC and even host persistent servers yourselves.

The game is pretty much a full copy of the current MMO engine with Steam integration. The idea behind the release is to present the Wurm world to new players and also help players who never got into the game to experience it in a more relaxed way. Hopefully our current or previous players will find it entertaining as well.

There are initially two modes planned for release: “Adventure”, which is a predefined world with a few warring kingdoms to live in and explore, and “Creative” which is an undeveloped map. The main goal for the Adventure mode will be to find a way of becoming a deity on the moon Valrei which we think is suitable both for a single player and a group of players either cooperating or belonging to different kingdoms.

In both modes you can set your player to become a Game Master with the possibility to instantly create items, summon creatures, build and terraform faster in order to create the experience you want for other players or just fool around with the features. You can also copy the whole game directory of any mode and create own, custom modes. You will be able to tweak variables such as initial skill values, skill gain rate, action timers and max number of creatures. It will also be possible to connect servers to each other and travel between them in order to create large persistent clusters.

Go ahead and check out the Steam page at //store.steampowered.com/app/366220!

We will also write compile an FAQ. If you have questions, please post them in the relevant thread in our forum section here.

Wurm and Code Club in a nutshell:
Code Club is the independent game developer behind the sandbox MMO Wurm Online.
Released commercially in 2006 the game is still unique in that it features a persistent non-instanced fantasy sandbox world with complex terraforming, a player driven economy, free location player housing and settlements coupled with a huge feature set.
Website: //www.wurmonline.com

Plug in Digital in a nutshell:

Plug in Digital focuses on distributing video games on digital platforms. Our motto, “Your games everywhere” explains it all. The company provides turnkey solutions for worldwide distribution and trade marketing in order to support video games throughout their entire lifecycles. Working hand in hand with all major distribution platforms as well as the main retail and cloud gaming actors, Plug in Digital’s team ensures an outstanding exposure and monetization of your games.

For more information: //www.plug-in-digital.com/.

New Elevation Map

Because of the negative feedback on the first image of the new Elevation server, we have generated a new map. The feedback is positive this time, so this is what we’ll go for!

You can check the new map out at


Elevation has been shut down and we’re on schedule for Wednesday the 15th for the releasing the new map! We’ll update the map tomorrow with starter towns and other locations on it.

New Challenge up and running!

We’ve just released the next Challenge – Dominance! You can play there as premium for free for the next two weeks, trying out Wurms full loot PvP environment and creation possibilities. Focus is on kingdom versus kingdom battles with nice prizes in various categories.

More details are in our forums here: //forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/118607-dominance-challenge-up-and-running/


Goodbye Affliction, Hello Affliction!

  • The new Affliction map is live! You can find the old map dump at //ehome003.game.wurmonline.com/images/
  • Due to bugged tiles caused by trees growing we had to revert the other maps to a version that was backed up about 6 hours ago. We are sorry that some of you were negatively affected and we try to mitigate that by adding sleep bonus next restart.
  • The new plain wall types should be live now.

Less than 24 hours to new Affliction map

The People of the Horde of the Summoned have discovered more suitable islands to settle on. Tomorrow during standard maintenance time (11 AM CET) we wipe the Affliction server and launch a new 64 square kilometers map. All structures and items will be deleted unless they are in the bank or in your inventory. All HOTS players will be put at the starter deed. Players from other kingdoms will end up wherever they logged out.

We’ve generated a very open map with lots of water and places to settle. There is little to no mycelium yet but it will start spreading as you settle in.

Below you can find a small preview of the lands. Enjoy!

New affliction

A view over the new island region

Xanadu available!

  • Seafarers have located routes to and from the Xanadu islands! The eastern borders of the islands aligned with Independence and the western borders of Release and Pristine are now open for travel. Weird currents lead from Xanadu to Deliverance and Release and routes have been established. Furthermore – and this is probably not a coincidence – the Epic portals now have started listing Xanadu as a possible target.

Unique creatures respawned – new loot system! Registration email issues.

  • First of all we have to warn that registrations and password retrieval emails for gmail is failing. We are working on trying to resolve the situation.
  • We are respawning the uniques all over the board, sometimes of special types. A bit more often than once per month a new unique will spawn as well in the future.
  • The loot for uniques have changed. Every premium player in the vicinity of the kill will receive some blood in their inventory. This blood is best used to create alchemic potions together with some source salt. Source salt is found in mines or by boiling Source. Every uniques blood creates different types of potions. Usually these potions can be used to enhance a tool in order to for instance increase the max improvement qualitylevel or initial qualitylevel of items created. Furthermore you may find rare of even fantastic bones that can be used to transfer that rarity to an enchantable item. Also you may be able to butcher the skull of a unique. Models for that are coming. The amount of drake and scale yield has been tweaked and severely reduced since it respawns more often instead. There are also small chances of Sorcery items on non-dragon uniques, as well as Seryll and pre-mixed substances(potions) on Valrei creatures.
  • Mail C.O.D cost when receiving should now be properly updated for containers
  • To lock an item, you now need to have the key for the lock in inventory
  • Non-prems may now transfer deeds to premium players. In order to prevent bugs with disbanding, never-been-premiums deed holders may not accept citizens since the characters may become deleted. If a never-been-premium account is deleted, the settlement will disband.

More village mgmt options

  • Added more roles to village management:- lead, pickup, tame, load, butcher and attach lock. Note Load needs Pickup set at same time to work
  • Changed the delay for vote question to be 5 seconds before being shown
  • Fix for charcoal piles on deed, they now should decay like they are off deed
  • Moved unhitch to a sub-menu to stop people accidently clicking it
  • Some Epic abilities were debugged and tweaked. These changes will be discussed in the Epic forums and possibly tweaked further.
  • Expired Epic missions should now be replaced more properly
  • There’s now a small chance that Valrei creatures yield some Seryll when butchered.