Patch Notes 2-AUG-2022

  • To curb switching faith for bonuses, you now must have 30 faith to claim rewards from a rite event. Religion is intended to be a long-term choice in Wurm.
  • Bridge planning will now prevent illegal characters from being used in the bridge’s name.
  • Transferring to Chaos from Freedom at a natural border crossing is no longer possible when PVP crossings are disabled for anyone on the boat.
  • Added a new title for reaching 100 skill in Gardening. Congrats Richtje!

Patch Notes 14-JUN-22 and June’s Monthly Skin!

June’s “Small Prickly Cactus” skin brings a decorative desert-y feel to pottery planters! Available through the month of June in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any empty pottery planter to give it a unique and fancy look.

  • Bugfix: Fixed some issues with windows not updating as often as they should.
  • Bugfix: “Bake a pie, tart, or cake” journal goal will now trigger as intended when baking one of these items.
  • Bugfix: For journal goals consisting of multiple distinct achievements, such as “Mine Copper and Tin” and “Milk a Cow, Bison, and Sheep”, the journal window will now show which percentage of those tasks you have completed instead of showing the entire task as complete when you have only completed some of them.
  • Bugfix: Paving a tile underground will now grant credit toward the “Pave 10 Tiles” journal goal.
  • Bugfix: “Write with Black Ink and a Reed Pen” journal goal will now be awarded properly.
  • Bugfix: Removed reference to “stone” material in oven and forge descriptions.
  • Bugfix: Throwing a snowball at a creature outside of combat will now trigger the appropriate Steam achievement.
  • Bugfix: Runes that adjust the size or volume of an item can no longer be applied or dispelled if the item contains other items, or is contained inside another item.
  • Bugfix: Treasure map clues will now correctly identify the style of guard towers mentioned in them.
  • Change: Treasure hunts will now avoid picking a tile inside a structure for treasure hunt locations.
  • Change: Nearby villages for challenge steps on Treasure hunts will now be closer to the actual location.
  • Change: Archery Towers will no longer be in the list of Treasure Hunt steps.
  • New: Newly generated old village maps may have hover text to show what icons are referencing.
  • New: Added a right-click option to maps to show/hide a colour legend.

Patch Notes 10-JUN-22


  • Bug Fix: Fix for some treasure caskets being unable to be opened.
  • Change: Vehicle names are now limited to 120 characters to prevent issues.


  • Change: UI FPS setting increased in two presets.
    • Medium: from 15 to 30
    • Low: from 5 to 10
  • Bug Fix: Fixes for window ordering, flickering, and updating.
  • Bug Fix: Changes made to tile decorations have been reverted to address memory consumption issues.

Patch Notes 08-JUN-22


  • Journal entries are not updated for previously made items.
    • This is intentional as we cannot track the previous completion of items. While the creator tag exists, it is unreliable and unavailable on all items.

Server Fixes

  • The mill salt goal should now trigger properly.
  • The 50 Recipes goal will now trigger retroactively.
  • Water/Food will now once again drain down.
  • Olive oil and spit-roasting recipes have returned, and their achievements should function.
  • Fixed rare cases where a map would fail to find a location.
  • Mules are no longer valid mission targets.

Client Fixes

  • Fixed in-game Wurmpedia
  • Fixed delay when hiding the UI
  • Fixed some UI elements always being on top
  • Added right-click option to clues with text for copying the text

Hot Fix 2021-10-30

  • Coffee ibriks are now able to be repaired and improved.
  • The favor value of the teapot, coffee pot, ibrik, pottery cup, and pottery mug has been reduced.
  • We are pushing a fix for animals escaping pens, moonwalking, and pacing. We will be monitoring this fix and adjusting as needed.
  • Creatures will once again receive their breeding cooldown timer.

Patch Notes 27/MAY/2021

New: Added over 50 new horse names, 80 donkey and mule names, and 50 unicorn names
Tweak: Increased action time of creating a hay tile
Bugfix: Fixed placing items on tables or other items not working
Bugfix: Fixed “Farm” option appearing on tiles that cannot be farmed
Bugfix: Fixed boats getting speed penalty due to their cargo

Note: We’re aware of technical issues preventing starting the client on some systems. For Windows we have found the most common reason being antivirus false positives, so disabling or adding an exception to your antivirus programs should fix it. You might need to reinstall the client with our installer for it to work afterwards.

We’re still working on fixing the crashes on Linux, for a workaround you can use the old UI (“./WurmLauncher -c”)

Patch Notes 26/MAY/2021

The Animal Update is here!

Patch notes:

  • New: Added Donkeys and Mules
    • Donkeys and mules are intended to be effective F2P mounts that don’t require 20+ skill to ride
    • Donkeys can be bred between themselves, mules can’t be bred.
    • Mules come from breeding female horses with male donkeys.
    • Mules are also as good as draft creatures as horses.
  • New: Added new Animal Feeding System
    • New farm tile: Hay Drying Tile can be made using a scythe on grass.
    • Tile productivity is affected by weather and seasons.
    • Harvesting will produce either hay or mixed grass.
    • Yield can be increased by using a pitchfork. on the tile
  • New Items:
    • Pitchfork
    • Hay
    • Hay Bundle (Thatching)
    • Hay Stack (Thatching)
    • Hay Bundles and Hay can be loaded into saddlebags to keep horses fed on the road (PVE Only).
  • Animal Behaviour Changes:
    • Animals will now eat out of containers that cannot be locked.
    • Animals will animate travelling to the food source and eating.
    • Animals hitched to a hitching post will now prioritize eating out of their trough rather than grazing on the floor.
    • New item Pet Bowl: Can be renamed to display the name of the animal on it, Animals will prioritise eating out of this.
    • The Feeding Trough can now be created as a separate item to the hitching post.
  • New: Added a new fluffier sheep model to help show when sheep are ready to be shorn
  • New: Introduced new body shapes for horses. Horse body shape depends on the horse’s trait set.
  • New: Added an option to ‘Inspect animal’ to bred creatures
    • This displays all traits of a creature that you can see with your Animal Husbandry skill, but it also displays the categories of the traits you can’t normally see
    • With higher skill, you’ll be able to see other details in the Inspect animal window, such as time until a creature can be bred again, time until a creature can be groomed again, or whether a creature is hungry, or age of the creature
  • New: Traits now have categories, the majority category on a creature excluding negative and miscellaneous traits will influence how traits are passed on greatly preferring to pass on its majority to its child.
    • Dominant category is picked from either the mother or the father randomly.
    • The categories are
      • Speed: These traits will increase the speed of a creature when riding on them.
      • Draft: These traits will increase a creature’s carry weight, it will also now act as speed traits when hitched and give a very similar speed bonus to having the speed traits.
      • Combat: These traits increase how tough a creature can be, and how well it can fight.
      • Negative: These traits all have negative effects that are generally unwanted.
      • Output: These traits increase things like butchering output, milk quality/quantity.
      • Misc: These traits don’t fit any other category.
    • If both parents have no traits all categories of traits receive a bonus to seed the initial traits
    • Traits have point values now which influence their chance to pass on and how many traits.
    • Players are now capped at Animal Husbandry level worth of points for creatures they have bred.
    • Inbreeding will now cause the max point value to be divided by 1.5
    • There is still a cap of 10 traits per creature (this does not include traits like “bred in captivity”)
    • Old “5-speed” horses will be the same as they were before the update, and will go the same base speed.
    • The draft traits only increase the weight a creature can carry before it slows down, so players shouldn’t see much difference in the new 3-speed trait horses compared to what’s called 5-speeds now.
    • Creatures will now remember who their birth parents are even after they have departed the server.
    • Breeding time will now shorten based on your animal husbandry level instead of being random.
  • New: Vehicle Changes
    • Vehicles now slow down as they gain load.
    • The vehicle itself does not add to the weight of itself only its contents this allows cart speeds to stay consistent with before unloaded.
    • Weight of the vehicle is split evenly between all the haulers.
    • Empty carts will continue to go the same speed, only loaded carts will see any reduction.
    • A vehicle’s quality helps offset the weight in a vehicle, this effect starts at above 30 quality and will reduce the weight penalty up to 3x at 100 quality.
    • The weight of the user’s inventory counts onto the vehicle’s weight now.
    • Having all draft traits will give a speed bonus instead of speed traits when a creature is hitched.
    • Players shouldn’t notice much difference outside wagons loaded up with tons of materials.
  • Newly Added and Changed Traits
    • It has very strong leg muscles (changed): movement speed bonus (speed)
    • It has keen senses (changed title and effect) – It seems accustomed to water: moves faster in shallow waters (speed)
    • It seems immortal: Will never die as if cared for (Misc, Rare)
    • It seems extremely tame: Aggressive animals become passive (Misc, Rare)
    • It seems stronger than normal: carry weight bonus (Draft, Rare)
    • It seems more nimble than normal: increased max ridable slope (Draft, Rare)
    • It gives more resources: Increases output of resources such as wool and milk (Output)
    • It seems more friendly: Easier to tame (Combat)
    • It seems prize winning: Gives better products when butchered (Output)
    • It looks plump and ready to butcher: Gives more products when butchered (Output)
    • It seems to pick stuff up: Chance to dig something up when eating, drops items on the ground (Output)
    • It has strong legs: Carry weight bonus (Draft)
    • It seems to be a graceful eater: Less chance to reduce the growth stage of a tile when eating (Misc)
    • It is easy on it’s gear: Equipped gear takes less damage (Draft)
    • It looks extremely sick: Has a very slim chance to pass away when it receives a hunger tick (Negative)
    • It looks shabby and frail: Reduces output of resources such as milk and wool (negative)
    • It seems to dislike steep terrain: Decreases ridable slope (Negative)
    • It has a chance to produce twins: Chance to birth twins (Misc, Rare)
    • It seems vibrant: Increases the output of resources (Output)
    • It has a slow metabolism: eats half as much as a normal animal (Misc)
    • It looks more friendly than normal: Less likely to be attacked by aggressive creatures when tame (Combat)
    • It is especially loyal: keeps loyalty to its tamer longer, loses less when taking damage (Combat)
    • It looks stationary: will stay put as if saddled (Misc)
    • It is unbelievably fast: always on speed bonus similar to hell horses (Speed, Rare)
    • It has very good genes: increased amount and quality of resources like milk and wool (Output, Rare)
  • New: Added a yellow warning message to Summon Soul accept question advising to use caution when accepting
  • New: Added the ability to “kick” Epic Portals and PvP Portals. This will transition the portal between the two states of showing visual particles and not showing visual particles.
  • New: Added a new item: Hay Bed
    • This bed gives 75% of the sleep bonus a regular bed gives
    • Uses mixed grass and a plank to create
  • Change: You are now able to hand-pick grass using the right click menu
  • Change: Added a new title for 100 Pottery. Congrats to Deppen!
  • Change: 70 Soul Depth title is now “Spirited”
  • Change: Bison spawns have been altered and the maximum bison cap has been increased
  • Change: Improved the message given when moving items from a boat hold to inventory
  • Bugfix: Boats will now show correctly as sunken when below quality 10
  • Bugfix: Capitals will now always be set as the influence chain start when it is swapped
  • Bugfix: Cavalier Helmet can now be improved.
  • Bugfix: Corrected a grammar issue when building an arched wall
  • Bugfix: Corrected event messages when tile has 100 items on it and you are creating an item that drops on the floor
  • Bugfix: Corrected a spelling error in the Switch Diety Window
  • Bugfix: Corrected a spelling error within the journal (Slay 50 Champion Creatures)
  • Bugfix: Correction of message text when meditating (Indifferences/Differences)
  • Bugfix: Cost column in Marks Shop will now sort correctly
  • Bugfix: Event message when praying at the Altar of Three will now show your correct deity
  • Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error when entering an Epic Portal after being in combat
  • Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error where “The” was repeated in event message ( The The venerable sly green dragon hatchling smashes the plain stone wall)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a grammar error in the message shown when transferring bulk items
  • Bugfix: Fixed raid window issues
    • When a village is drained two or more times in a row, it will now display a message in Village Info letting you know how many in a row it has been
    • Raid windows can no longer be changed until two days after a settlement is drained, the same time chain drains fall off
    • Raid windows can no longer be changed during the window, even with no enemies nearby.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some singular/plural errors on event message when harvesting
  • Bugfix: Fixed a pluralization for event message when dropping Apples
  • Bugfix: Lag on Golden Valley should now be fixed
  • Bugfix: Locate Soul spell should no longer cause server lag when being cast
  • Bugfix: Players can no longer cast Summon Soul on themselves
  • Bugfix: Prevented planting of items on another player’s deed without having permissions set
  • Bugfix: Removed an extra space in event message when triggering pole traps
  • Bugfix: Open option on vehicles will now only show in right click menu when you are close enough to open them
  • Bugfix: Sea creatures will now spawn correctly on Defiance
  • Bugfix: Valrei creatures will now spawn on Defiance during campaigns
  • Bugfix: Trowels will now correctly take damage when building fences
  • Bugfix: Vynora priests can now plant flowerbeds
  • Bugfix: You can no longer make slopes over 20 on a highway through leveling
  • Bugfix: You can no longer remove highway pavement on a rock tile without disturbing catseyes

Client changes:

  • New: Added an in-game Wurmpedia window
    • The in-game Wurmpedia can be brought up by using the context menu Wurmpedia option, or by using the Wurmpedia button in the UI menus
    • Note: This may not be compatible on all systems from the start, and we look forward to hearing feedback about the functionality. Linux compatible launcher update enabling the in-game browser will launch soon after this update is live.
    • Note: The in-game Wurmpedia is not compatible with the client on MacOS at this point.
  • New: Added a closed eye icon to the combat window to show when focus is not available
  • New: Added the ability to disable the pulsating chat tabs via the UI tab in Settings
  • Bugfix: Closing IRC chat window will no longer close all chat tabs
  • Bugfix: Front horseshoes will now show correctly
  • Bugfix: Hover on Skill Tracker will now align correctly
  • Bugfix: New achievement unlocked text will no longer overlap with achievement name
  • Bugfix: Containers in the toolbelt will now properly show item count
  • Bugfix: Selected items will now show the item count in non-inventory container windows
  • Bugfix: The Spell List window will now expand correctly
  • Bugfix: Using a keybinds on mine doors will now work correctly on all door types
  • Change: The game launcher has been compiled for better compatibility on more Linux systems, and a .deb installer for the Wurm Online launcher will be added to our website soon.

Note: Most of these changes are new UI only.
Note: With this update, we also announce that the old UI client will be replaced with the new UI client fully in a month – on June 28th the old UI will no longer be accessible.

Note: We are also approaching some limitations in regards to our usage of JNLP, so while we aren’t announcing the date of the end of support for the legacy .jnlp launcher yet, we encourage everyone to make sure they are on the regular, default native launcher as we will be forced to stop supporting JNLP once we move beyond Java 8.