Jackal: The Stronghold

The Stronghold

Deep into the wilderness of Jackal lies a fortified position that is home to a special beacon powerful enough to radiate its influence to the far edges of Jackal. As players expand farther into Jackal, it will become harder and harder to create beacons strong enough to overpower this influence. Breaching into this stronghold will be a difficult but necessary task to completely rid the lands of the corrupting influence.

Those brave enough to breach and defeat the stronghold will receive a large number of Jackal points which will be redeemable by their character when they travel back to the lands of Wurm. Completing other tasks on Jackal will also reward these points, and when redeemed will allow players to choose from a list of special item skin variants that can then be applied to an existing item to cosmetically change it. The list of available skins will be expanding over the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out.

In addition to Jackal points, random rewards from completing Rifts and Rift Scouts will be replaced with Rift points which can be redeemed in a similar manner for the player’s choice of items from the Rift reward table.
Points can be saved and collected across servers and multiple rifts, with some items requiring attending multiple rifts to earn enough points to claim.

Jackal: The Lands of Jackal.


The lands of Jackal are covered in a strange corruption changing how the entire land and plant life look, and includes six new tree types and accompanying wood types only available on Jackal. Players on Jackal will be able to create beacons that cleanse the nearby area of the corruption, converting it all back to normal and preventing the spawn of Jackals and Beasts in that area.

However, all across Jackal are pockets of well-defended land where the natural denizens have created their own beacons, reinforcing the corruption and making it harder for players to take control of the land. Defeating the defenders of these areas will allow destruction of these beacons, letting players safely expand farther into the deep wilderness of Jackal.

These defenders will be made up of Rift creatures that players recognize with updated combat capabilities to make them fight more intelligently, including new attacks, defenses and fighting styles. These newly upgraded Rift creatures will also spread to Rift incursions in the lands of Wurm, making for a more varied and possibly dangerous fight for players.

Prior to this update no rifts will appear after the 25th of August, and all existing rifts will close on the 28th of August. They will open after this update at a specific time per server to allow as many people to plan to attend across the entire weekend as possible. To see the dates click here.

Following the close of the first Rifts after the next update, items known as Lodestones will appear at the site of the Rift and become craftable by players using rift materials and other existing items.

Jackal: Rift Opening Dates

Prior to this update no rifts will appear after the 25th of August, and all existing rifts will close on the 28th of August. They will open after this update at a specific time per server to allow as many people to plan to attend across the entire weekend as possible. The dates are:

Opening time
Independence 6PM Fri UTC
Deliverance 10PM Fri UTC
Pristine 2AM Sat UTC
Chaos 6AM Sat UTC
Celebration 10AM Sat UTC
Xanadu 2PM Sat UTC
Exodus 6PM Sat UTC
Release 10PM Sat UTC
Serenity 2AM Sun UTC
Desertion 6AM Sun UTC
Affliction 10AM Sun UTC
Elevation 2PM Sun UTC

Jackal: The Creatures of Jackal


Roaming freely across the lands of Jackal are some of the creatures usually seen strictly at Rift locations  as well as some new creatures seen only in these new lands . Exploring Jackal will have you meet giant crabs, isopods and wetas – the last of which is able to be ridden by those brave enough.  Some familiar creatures from the lands of Wurm will roam as well, with a custom spawn table for the server.

The Isopod has a very hard shell to pierce

The Weta is a new means of transport

Back in the lands of Wurm players will come across small parties of Rift creatures known as Scouts in the wilderness searching for new landing locations for Rifts to complete their invasion plans. Defeating these Scouts will be possible for small teams of players or even the more adventurous solo player, and upon defeat will allow players to collect a small number of rift resources from the area as well as award points towards the updated reward system for Rifts and Jackal that will be detailed later this week.

Jackal: The Next Frontier

Journal of Jack A. Lormere.

Day 5: I’ve been on the trail of these rumoured creatures and I’ve discovered something shocking. The link between these lands and Jackal have grown strong enough to cross both ways. Strange rocks now cover the land after these “Rifts” are closed and they allow me to transfer a part of myself to their home lands, Jackal. I don’t think my knowledge and skill crosses to Jackal, but upon returning I feel like I’ve retained what I’ve learned…

Jackal: The Next Frontier

For years now, the aggressive residents of Jackal have been relentlessly attacking the lands of Wurm through the use of Rifts – transporting themselves to Wurm and attempting to wreak havoc upon the citizens there. Now it’s the players’ turn, as Jackal becomes a land that players can travel to.

Following the close of the first Rifts after the next update, items known as Lodestones will appear at the site of the Rift and become craftable by players. These Lodestones will allow you to transport your soul to Jackal to take the fight back to them. Lodestone travel will be two-way, and will only transport your soul – no items or skills – but travel back to the lands of Wurm will impart some knowledge onto your character that you gained while on Jackal.

The Jackal server will be a server that resets every 6 months, with faster skillgain and action speed to account for this, meaning a fresh start for players wanting to experience it without the feeling of everyone being ahead.

These lands are not as tailored for human living as the normal Wurm lands, and this will be evident as you make your way there and explore. Work together and fight your way through the denizens of Jackal and take control of the land.

 This is only the beginning of what the lands of Jackal entail, more details about this hostile and alien landscape will be unveiled over the coming days.

Patch Notes 1/AUG/19 Elevation bugfixes

  • New: 100 Jewelry Smithing title added.
  • New: 100 Fine Carpentry title added.


  • Bugfix: Artifacts will now drop on the tile on player death.
  • Bugfix: Players in lost link status will no longer count for sermon listeners.
  • Bugfix: Players in lost link status while in combat will now leave the world after 10 minutes of combat on Freedom, and 1 hour of combat on Epic.
  • Bugfix: All gods can now cast disintegrate in PvP.
  • Bugfix: Kingdom influence when bashing towers will update correctly now.
  • Bugfix: Battle camps now spawn every 27 hours to allow better timezone coverage, this effects all servers.
  • Bugfix: Same kingdom Village War Declaration now works on all pvp servers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Elevation only karma cooldowns leaking over to chaos.
  • Bugfix: Tower influence now correctly updates when the tower loses or gains quality.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer use Random Teleport in combat.
  • Elevation Change: You may now only lead 1 creature.
  • Elevation Change: You may no longer lead additional creatures when you are fighting on Elevation.
  • Elevation Bugfix: Actually fix carry weight
  • Elevation Change: Truestrike now casts a 95 power truehit on the user with a 10 minute cooldown.
  • Elevation Bugfix: Corrected issue where tunnels could not be opened at exactly 60 slope.

Patch Notes 16/JUL/19

  • Bugfix: Demigod followers and priests will now be able to correctly receive template god power level for global spells and cast global spells.
  • Elevation bugfix: Corrected movement speed being affected by body strength soft cap.
  • Elevation bugfix: Meditation level will now correctly cross from Elevation to a home server.
  • Elevation bugfix: Corrected issue causing players to have items falsely identified as old items.