Patch Notes: 2/FEB/20

  • Change: The Marks store random affinity feature will now exclude Hammers category (artifacts)
  • Change: Affinities will now work for Fighting skillgain
  • Bugfix: Change ‘random ore’ to ‘chosen ore’ in the Marks shop’s description of the rod of transmutation
  • Bugfix: Fixed so that Stone Strike can only be cast on pickaxes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed spelling error of receive on Marks and Jackal shops.
  • Bugfix: The monthly skin target item name will now be more specific
  • Bugfix: Fixed Jackal portals reopening after finished Rifts

HotFix 1: 31/JAN/20

The initial end date of the free faith transfers has been moved to May 1st, 2020

  • Hotfix: The Marks store should be open to check the status of your Marks.
  • Hotfix: Fixed Jackal store closing which was unintended.
  • Hotfix: Fixed meditation rug refreshing issue for users with no path chosen.
  • Hotfix: Server transfer issues should be fixed.
  • Client fix: Toned down water lighting.
  • Client fix: Third person camera will now respect the mouse sensitivity setting.
  • Client fix: Backpacks will now appear on your character when using the third person camera.

Patch Notes: 30/JAN/20


  • Every purchase of premium time will award our new loyalty currency “Marks”
  • The following amounts will be awarded for each premium type:
    • 15 days from token: 1000
    • 20 days from referral: 1500
    • 30 days from token: 3000
    • 30 days from shop: 4500
  • Any single purchase of six months will award 3000 marks as a bonus
  • Any single purchase of twelve months will award 6000 marks as a bonus
  • Purchases of silver coins will award 20 marks per silver purchased
  • Marks are awarded at time of purchase
  • Past marks will be awarded at a reduced rate of 1000 marks per month of premium since december 2013 with a cap of 50k points
  • Players with premium time already purchased prior to this addition will receive extra 3000 Marks for each full month of premium left

Mark Store

  • The store will launch on February 1st in order to ensure the systems to award the marks is working correctly
  • You will need to be premium in order to make any purchase from the token
  • Marks can be used to purchase some trader goods and special loyalty items from a settlement token, the following new items are possible
    • Wooden nameplate: Allows you to rename any domestic creature as well as unicorns and hell horses
    • Magical Ink: Allows you to append your name to an item as well as give the item a unique name
    • Gift pack: Random item from assorted list
    • Skin of the month: Monthly skin release that changes on the 1st of every month
    • Random Affinity: An affinity is given chosen at random
    • Care for one more creature: Increases care for slots by 1 (one use only)
    • Faith Swap: Allows you to swap faith without any penalty one time
    • Meditation path change: Allows you to switch meditation paths without cooldown one time
    • Magical Tome: Single use magical tome chosen at random

Jackal closing and player transfers.

  • With the stronghold defeated and the lands of Jackal cleansed, we will be closing this round of the server.
  • As of this update, lodestones on Freedom will no longer work
  • When you enter the game on Jackal, you’ll be transferred to Freedom within two minutes of logging in
  • Make sure you log in to transfer off Jackal if you haven’t yet – the server will still be open to transfer you back with skill and Jackal points for a month
    After that it will be closed and everyone who hasn’t transferred back will be returned without Jackal skillgain or points being updated

Deity Rebalance and Player God Removal

  • If you were a follower of a player deity, you should revert back to one of the base gods
    • Current full deity list is: Fo, Vynora, Magranon, Libila
  • Magranon has 2 new spells:
    • Magranons Fire
      • This spell lights all lightable objects and fuels them up to maximum fuel at 100 power
      • 10 Second cast
      • 40 faith unlock
      • 10 favor cost
      • 10 difficulty
    • Stone Strike:
      • Improves chance of successful surface mining action
      • 20 second cast
      • 75 faith unlock
      • 50 favor cost
      • 60 difficulty
  • Disintegrate has been updated to remove chunks of mining actions from a vein instead of a low chance to destroy it outright
  • Wooden and stone altars have been changed to their base gods, metal altars of removed deities have become unblessed
    • A single faith transfer is available – use the /transfer command to access it. The transfer is available until 1st April 2020 and will be disabled afterwards.
    • Favor on chopped vegetables has been reduced by half
    • Favor for just about everything else has been increased
    • Libila now uses butchered animal parts as a special favor item
    • Spell resistances on pvp servers have been reduced from 10+ groups of resistance down to just 2 Pillar Damage/All Other Damage
    • Favor values are not set in stone and we are open to constructive discussion on further balancing moving on from here

Miscellaneous Changes

  • You may now again sail between Epic servers.
  • Medium wooden shields now have two dye parts which can be different colours.  
    • Secondary dyed section can be removed with a metal brush.
  • The status bar for sailing which is found under the health bar as you are commanding, can now be used to change the state by clicking on the icons.
  • Shod clubs dropped by trolls and the troll king are now repairable and can be imped.  Woodtype on the troll king’s club is oakenwood.
  • Mooring anchors can no longer be placed into bulk storage units but can now be improved and repaired.
  • Changes to keybinds (mostly bringing the keybindings tab in the launcher up to date): Listed below.
    • Cure light, cure medium and cure serious keybinds will now work targeting players as well (and creatures).
    • Added keybind for Destroy wall and Destroy pavement.
    • Libilas Demise, Magranons Shield, Vynoras Demise, Fos Demise, Libilas Shielding, and Magranons Demise are replaced with:
      Corrosion, Acid Protection, Frost Protection, Poison Protection, Blaze and Glacial in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
    • Fos Touch was removed, since the replacement was Inferno in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
    • Selfhealer Demise is renamed to Monster demise and Dragons demise to Legendary demise in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
    • Removed Fungus and changed Vynora’s Hand to Fire Protection in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
  • Stamina loss on boats has been removed on PvE servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix:  You can no longer plant an herb / spice into a planter that already has something planted in it
  • Bugfix:  Never been lit torches and lanterns will no longer take damage in inventory or on merchants
  • Bugfix: The one time transfer from Path of Insanity to another meditation path has been activated on the live servers again and will remain until the 1st of March 2020
  • Bugfix:  Fixed a few bridge/building disembarking and passage issues.
    • You should now be able to command a vehicle from a steep bridge into a house with flooring on the ground floor level
    • Disembarking and dropping through bridges connected via buildings should be fixed, with the caveat that it might sometimes (in the same situations only) block entrance to the bridge fully and require moving slightly to the side to enter it properly
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where a vehicle would appear on a different floor upon disembarking
  • Bugfix:  Planter must now be in the same structure and on the same floor level as the player to be used
  • Bugfix:  Mooring anchors should no longer instant-decay when being raised as was happening in some cases
  • Bugfix:  Replaced the ‘place’ option for hitching posts.  Note that the removal of place for vehicles was intended, so not a bug
  • Bugfix:  Models on ground items will now update properly on empty / full states
  • Bugfix:  You can no longer fillet meat or fish that is diced, minced, chopped or not raw
  • Bugfix:  Various spelling and text issues as listed below:
    • Candles made from beeswax should now show quality and damage on examine as do the candles made from fat
    • Descriptions on various cloth and leather items were changed from sown to sewn. (ie. Satchel: A piece of cloth sewn with thick threads into a satchel perfect for carrying about the back)
    • Construction Marker description changed from build to building
    • Cloth shoe description spelling corrected to interwoven
    • Fixed spelling error for fried steak, beef examine
    • Fixed spelling error for marmalade examine
    • Fixed grammar and capitalization in event message when player attempts to dye chairs
    • Fixed various plural and grammar issues with recipes and taking portions of recipes.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed an issue which surfaced when making bait from corn dough.
  • Bugfix:  Floats, lines and hooks should no longer decay while inside a tackle box in inventory.
  • Bugfix:  Tweaked the deed disbanding email method to help ensure that all emails get sent properly and on a timely basis.
  • Bugfix:  Sacrifice will no longer occur alongside the already ongoing action.
    • The ongoing action will cancel and sacrifice will take priority, continuing with the regular queue once sacrifice has completed 
    • This is to allow sacrificing to work while in combat
  • Bugfix:  Moonmetals should no longer lose weight when put into a bsb and taken out again.  Note that some lumps with less than .10 weight will still loose a small bit of weight when put into a bsb

Client Changes

  • New:  Third person camera view added.
    • An optional 3rd person camera view has been added.
    • Default keybind is V to enter 3rd person view.
    • The Minus and Plus keys will zoom in and zoom out.
    • New keybindings mapped by default: ZOOM_OUT (minus), ZOOM_IN (plus), CHANGE_VIEW (V)
  • Change: The JVM memory settings have been tweaked to address situations with excessive memory usage

Patch Notes 16/JAN/20 Craftable Bedrolls

  • New:  You can now craft bedrolls, similar to the 2019 Christmas Gift version.
    • Bedroll requires tent owned by player within 2 tiles.
    • Bedroll can only be slept on by the person who dropped it, also only picked up by the person who dropped it.
    • A player will get 75% of the normal bed sleep bonus gain for the crafted bedrolls..
    • The Christmas Gift version allows full sleep bonus and has a unique texture.
    • Bedrolls (both crafted and festive) take damage on use, decay as usual, are repairable and impable.
  • Bugfix: Due to festive bedrolls not being repairable before, they’ve been restored to 99QL.
  • Bugfix: All items should take the same damage on lava now (1dmg per 15min).
  • Bugfix:  Corpses are now blocked from mailing.

Patch Notes 19/DEC/19

  • New:  Large Planters for item based farming above ground and in caves.
    • 70 carpentry skill is required to create a large planter.
    • Uses on deed farming permissions.
    • Only one planter per tile.
    • Cannot be picked up or moved, only transported or turned. Planter is locked to the tile it resides on, to move it to a new tile transport it.
    • You cannot load a planter with a crop in it.
    • You can only plant things in the planter when the planter is on the ground.
    • Mushrooms can be planted below or above ground in the large planters.
    • You cannot plant Rice or Reeds.
    • You cannot harvest if the crop is not ripe.
    • Crops can be tended every 24 hours.
    • Planter name will be appended with (Untended) when it is time to tend the planter.
    • Growth stage will also be appended (numerical < 5), with (Ripe) being appended when they are ready to be harvested (5th stage).
    • There will be no tending on or after the ripe stage.
    • Tending will add 1 to the yield, with a minimum of 5 and max of 9 (absolute max farming skill / 10) if you tend each stage.
    • Quality is your skill in farming.
    • It takes a crop 5 days to become ripe.
    • If the crop is not harvested within 24 hours of becoming ripe there is a 50:50 chance the crops will wilt on each re-occurring day.
    • You can cultivate a large planter back to dirt if it has something planted in it, using a shovel or a rake.
    • You can only build a planter on the ground.
    • You cannot sow, tend, nor harvest a planter that is below water.
  • New:  Sail furling and unfurling and other ship mechanics changes.
    • Instead of just going forward and back, you now have several sailing modes: reverse, stop, no sail, half sail, full sail. (This does not apply to rowing boats which have no sails.)
    • Furling and unfurling sails is done by tapping the forward and back keys.
    • Mooring anchor can now be inside the boat hold and you can just right-click the boat to moor. On raising the anchor, it checks if there’s room in ship’s inventory – if there is, then it puts the anchor there instead of player inventory.
    • You can see the anchor model on the ship when it’s moored as well as see the different position of the sails as they are changed.
    • A sail state graphic has been added below the health/stamina bar for the commander to see the current sail mode.
  • Change:  A merchant will now insist that you collect items and coin from their inventory before they agree to being dismissed.
  • Change:  The number of pages a book will now hold is based on it’s quality, similar to the archaeology journal.  (See below)
    • Book quality 1 – 22 will hold 22 pages.
    • Book quality 23 or greater will hold the number of pages equal to it’s quality.
  • Change:  Paper, papyrus and reports will no longer decay inside books.
  • Bugfix:  Puppeteer grammar fixes.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed an issue with deed disbanding email not being sent.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed a journal bug which triggered for Receive a gem through praying when the item was something other than a gem.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed the place for some large items which had place in the context menu but failed to work with the keybind.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with getting teleported out of a cave when stuck in a cave wall
  • Bugfix: Fixed v-sync not working in Fullscreen Windowed
  • Bugfix: Fixed stars not showing up at night
  • Bugfix: Fixed one frame delay on moving the camera (affects responsiveness)
  • Bugfix: Fixed holes in terrain near cave entrances

Patch Notes 29/NOV/19

Server Changes

  • New: You can remove a Jackal skin from a weapon with a metal brush.
    • Note: This will destroy the Jackal skin
  • Change: Rifts will no longer spawn traps.
  • Bugfix: You can no longer drag no drop items from the mailbox into a container – you can only drag into basic inventory.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused salted and non salted liquids to cause mixing issues with recipes.
  • Bugfix: Uniques will now bash clad walls.

Client Changes

  • New: The recipe window will now show the number of known recipes
  • Bugfix: Fixed screenshot function memory leaks
  • Bugfix: Fixed armor material colors looking wrong
  • Bugfix: The FPS cap can now be changed in game instead of having to use the launcher settings

New Client Keybinds!


  • Light (object)
  • Snuff
  • Discard
  • Place
  • Lore
  • Rename
  • Spin
  • Smelt
  • Burn


  • Crush
  • Plant (was there but should now work for planting herbs in planters as well)
  • Pick sprout (was there but should now work for trellis as well)


  • Hitch
  • Unhitch


  • Eat
  • Taste
  • Drink
  • Call for help
  • Disembark
  • Embark as commander
  • Embark as passenger
  • Moor
  • Raise anchor
  • Mix


  • Taunt


  • essence drain
  • land of the dead
  • summon soul
  • corrupt
  • zombie infestation
  • purge
  • toxin
  • cleanse
  • hypothermia
  • focused will
  • inferno

Jackal Skill Transfer Now Live

Hi Everyone,

The skill transfer from Jackal to Freedom is now live. By now you may have seen a small tick in skills that transferred over. We have increased the amount that transfers as well as allowed for fight skill to transfer too. If you encounter any bugs please post them on the forums as usual!

Happy Hunting!