Patch Notes 05/JAN/21

  • New: Moonmetal can now be purchased in the Marks store on Northern Freedom Isles servers.
    • This does not include Defiance
  • Change: Changed Marks-purchased moonmetal quality to 80 quality
  • Bugfix: Fixed a permission issue allowing to world drag certain items without the correct permission
  • Bugfix: Healing in inactive rift area will no longer increase participation points
  • Bugfix: Fixed mining products being able to be gathered above 100 quality on Epic servers.
    • Instances of this issue will be retroactively fixed back to 100 quality

Patch Notes: 30/DEC/20

  • New: Added inventory icons for checker board and checker piece
  • New: Imbues should now be able to be used on Northern Freedom Isles servers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed being unable to embark vehicles on bridges
  • Bugfix: Fixed runes not working to increase the resource quality – vein quality should now be properly affected by the 10% bonus
  • Bugfix: Fixed new gathering formulas not using the Epic curve properly
  • Bugfix: Fixed new mining quality calculation not being applied properly for meteorites and gems
  • Bugfix: Fixed a server crash issue

Patch Notes 29/DEC/20

  • New: Added a craftable variant of the checkerboard
  • New: Rifts, Runes, and Imbues are now enabled on the Northern Freedom Isles
  • Change: Checkers Boards will now fit on more tables.
  • Change: Source Spring Rework
    • Source springs will now respawn periodically around servers with a finite amount of source.
    • Springs disappear once the source is collected from them.
    • Current source springs and fountains will also stop regenerating source in them and will disappear once empty of source.
    • Underground source springs that spawn upon breaking cave walls will now spawn more often.
  • Change: You must now be on the same floor level as the vehicle in order to embark it.
  • Change: Gathering Runes and Imbue rework
    • Gathering Runes add +10% to the base quality, but that is capped at your skill level.
    • Imbues now add a bonus of up to 25% of the difference between the resulting quality and 100 at 100 imbue power. This can exceed your gathering skill.
    • The rune bonus is applied before the imbue bonus.
    • A breakdown of the imbue formula can be found here:
  • Bugfix: Removed duplicate message when taking items from Bulk Storage Bins and Crates
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue causing you to not be able to fight back when a hostile creature on deed targeted you first.
  • BugFix: Particle effect will no longer remain visible after picking up the Checkers Board.

Patch Notes 23/DEC/20

Ho ho ho!

Santa is here with his yearly gifts for all premium Wurmians! Simply speak with Santa at any starter town, or build your own Christmas tree to find a gift underneath!
This gift won’t stay around forever, available from 3 pm server time on the 23rd until 12pm on the 31st of December!

  • Change: You can no longer bury corpses on deeds where you cannot terraform. Requires terraforming village role permission.
  • Change: Wool items may now be used to bandage wounds, functioning identically to cotton items.
    • The master cape, like kingdom robes, may now be used to bandage wounds an infinite number of times.
    • Some unique items, such as newbie items and anniversary gifts, are now unable to be used as bandages, to prevent accidental destruction.
  • Change: Player disease will no longer worsen if there are no other players or creatures present on the same tile.
    • Players will now be slightly less likely to catch disease, and when a player is diseased, it will heal slightly more quickly when healing, and worsen slightly more slowly when worsening.
  • PvP Change: You now need to wait 2 minutes on PvP servers after combat to be able to use /stuck.
  • Bugfix: Light Tokens will now properly decay on deed, inside forges.
  • Bugfix: Creature tile position is now saved when hitching, this should help solve hitched creatures getting diseased for no reason.
  • Bugfix: Removed repeated text from summon soul question popup.
  • Bugfix: Wrath of Magranon will no longer deal damage on villages outside raid windows
  • Bugfix: No longer possible to lead more creatures than intended by using karma to summon creatures
  • Bugfix: Roaming depot will now show its light at the proper time
  • Bugfix: Marks shop swap deity will always give proper alignment for your new god and is no longer blocked for mayors when not changing kingdom also.
  • Bugfix: Traitor missions will now properly trigger when there is also a kill x mission of the same creature.
  • Bugfix: Single server Valrei instances will now properly give out prizes to the winner on completion of a scenario.
  • Bugfix: When entering or leaving a cave creatures following will now always enter your layer and no longer get stuck on a different layer than you.

Patch Notes 09/NOV/20

  • Text: Descriptions of imbue enchantments on items now list the exact skills the enchantment applies to.
  • BugFix: Animals that cannot be ridden untamed, will now properly kick occupants when they become untamed.
  • BugFix: Equipping and removing armour now only cancels spells/archery actions as intended.
  • BugFix: Moving armour around inside your inventory will no longer cause actions to be cancelled.
  • Text: Fixed “depo” to “depot” in comments and in-game/logging text
  • BugFix: Pets will now follow movement orders even when wearing a saddle.
  • Change: Players can once again become diseased and contribute to disease like other creatures.
  • Change: Humid Drizzle will now cure disease on players, and Heal will cure disease in addition to curing wounds.
  • BugFix: Killing an avatar on pve servers will now generate a new mission.

PvP Changes:

  • BugFix: Pvp CA Help should now function as intended
  • PvP Change: The marks shop deity transfer will now allow you to change kingdoms to swap to deities from other kingdoms.
    • Note: This still requires you to be eligible for a kingdom transfer, such as not having changed to recently, not being a king, not being a champion, and not being a village mayor. This is available on all PvP servers.
  • PvP Change: Roaming Depot Tweaks:
    • A new depot will now spawn 38 hours after the last is captured.
    • Depots can now be picked up on pendulums at the same range as battle camps.
    • Depot light will now show up after 6 hours.
    • Depots now have a chance to drop the cosmetic items that past depots dropped.
    • Looted depot items now have a more random quality over 75.
    • Depots now requires at least 40 fight skill to claim its contents.
  • PvP Change: Battle Camp Hota Tweaks:
    • After capture battle camps will display location information like before in the village info section where they are listed.
    • Pendulum range restored to former distance when finding battle camps.
    • the time between battle camp spawns has been increased to 70 hours after the last win.
  • PvP Bugfix: Defiance Valrei Fixes
    • Guiding deities on defiance valrei will now properly have them move to that tile.
    • Finishing missions on defiance valrei will now lower the move timer on deities.
  • PvP Change: Returned humid drizzle to its own spell resistance group for PvP servers

Patch Notes 29/OCT/20

  • Added an option to the game settings (Graphics tab) that allows to disable seasonal event visuals. This must be set from the launcher settings before starting the game.
  • Tweaked chances of Halloween drops.
  • Creature spawns on Harmony should now be fixed.
  • Fixed the demon helm not being improvable.