Patch Notes: 30/JAN/20


  • Every purchase of premium time will award our new loyalty currency “Marks”
  • The following amounts will be awarded for each premium type:
    • 15 days from token: 1000
    • 20 days from referral: 1500
    • 30 days from token: 3000
    • 30 days from shop: 4500
  • Any single purchase of six months will award 3000 marks as a bonus
  • Any single purchase of twelve months will award 6000 marks as a bonus
  • Purchases of silver coins will award 20 marks per silver purchased
  • Marks are awarded at time of purchase
  • Past marks will be awarded at a reduced rate of 1000 marks per month of premium since december 2013 with a cap of 50k points
  • Players with premium time already purchased prior to this addition will receive extra 3000 Marks for each full month of premium left

Mark Store

  • The store will launch on February 1st in order to ensure the systems to award the marks is working correctly
  • You will need to be premium in order to make any purchase from the token
  • Marks can be used to purchase some trader goods and special loyalty items from a settlement token, the following new items are possible
    • Wooden nameplate: Allows you to rename any domestic creature as well as unicorns and hell horses
    • Magical Ink: Allows you to append your name to an item as well as give the item a unique name
    • Gift pack: Random item from assorted list
    • Skin of the month: Monthly skin release that changes on the 1st of every month
    • Random Affinity: An affinity is given chosen at random
    • Care for one more creature: Increases care for slots by 1 (one use only)
    • Faith Swap: Allows you to swap faith without any penalty one time
    • Meditation path change: Allows you to switch meditation paths without cooldown one time
    • Magical Tome: Single use magical tome chosen at random

Jackal closing and player transfers.

  • With the stronghold defeated and the lands of Jackal cleansed, we will be closing this round of the server.
  • As of this update, lodestones on Freedom will no longer work
  • When you enter the game on Jackal, you’ll be transferred to Freedom within two minutes of logging in
  • Make sure you log in to transfer off Jackal if you haven’t yet – the server will still be open to transfer you back with skill and Jackal points for a month
    After that it will be closed and everyone who hasn’t transferred back will be returned without Jackal skillgain or points being updated

Deity Rebalance and Player God Removal

  • If you were a follower of a player deity, you should revert back to one of the base gods
    • Current full deity list is: Fo, Vynora, Magranon, Libila
  • Magranon has 2 new spells:
    • Magranons Fire
      • This spell lights all lightable objects and fuels them up to maximum fuel at 100 power
      • 10 Second cast
      • 40 faith unlock
      • 10 favor cost
      • 10 difficulty
    • Stone Strike:
      • Improves chance of successful surface mining action
      • 20 second cast
      • 75 faith unlock
      • 50 favor cost
      • 60 difficulty
  • Disintegrate has been updated to remove chunks of mining actions from a vein instead of a low chance to destroy it outright
  • Wooden and stone altars have been changed to their base gods, metal altars of removed deities have become unblessed
    • A single faith transfer is available – use the /transfer command to access it. The transfer is available until 1st April 2020 and will be disabled afterwards.
    • Favor on chopped vegetables has been reduced by half
    • Favor for just about everything else has been increased
    • Libila now uses butchered animal parts as a special favor item
    • Spell resistances on pvp servers have been reduced from 10+ groups of resistance down to just 2 Pillar Damage/All Other Damage
    • Favor values are not set in stone and we are open to constructive discussion on further balancing moving on from here

Miscellaneous Changes

  • You may now again sail between Epic servers.
  • Medium wooden shields now have two dye parts which can be different colours.  
    • Secondary dyed section can be removed with a metal brush.
  • The status bar for sailing which is found under the health bar as you are commanding, can now be used to change the state by clicking on the icons.
  • Shod clubs dropped by trolls and the troll king are now repairable and can be imped.  Woodtype on the troll king’s club is oakenwood.
  • Mooring anchors can no longer be placed into bulk storage units but can now be improved and repaired.
  • Changes to keybinds (mostly bringing the keybindings tab in the launcher up to date): Listed below.
    • Cure light, cure medium and cure serious keybinds will now work targeting players as well (and creatures).
    • Added keybind for Destroy wall and Destroy pavement.
    • Libilas Demise, Magranons Shield, Vynoras Demise, Fos Demise, Libilas Shielding, and Magranons Demise are replaced with:
      Corrosion, Acid Protection, Frost Protection, Poison Protection, Blaze and Glacial in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
    • Fos Touch was removed, since the replacement was Inferno in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
    • Selfhealer Demise is renamed to Monster demise and Dragons demise to Legendary demise in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
    • Removed Fungus and changed Vynora’s Hand to Fire Protection in the keybindings tab in the launcher.
  • Stamina loss on boats has been removed on PvE servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix:  You can no longer plant an herb / spice into a planter that already has something planted in it
  • Bugfix:  Never been lit torches and lanterns will no longer take damage in inventory or on merchants
  • Bugfix: The one time transfer from Path of Insanity to another meditation path has been activated on the live servers again and will remain until the 1st of March 2020
  • Bugfix:  Fixed a few bridge/building disembarking and passage issues.
    • You should now be able to command a vehicle from a steep bridge into a house with flooring on the ground floor level
    • Disembarking and dropping through bridges connected via buildings should be fixed, with the caveat that it might sometimes (in the same situations only) block entrance to the bridge fully and require moving slightly to the side to enter it properly
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where a vehicle would appear on a different floor upon disembarking
  • Bugfix:  Planter must now be in the same structure and on the same floor level as the player to be used
  • Bugfix:  Mooring anchors should no longer instant-decay when being raised as was happening in some cases
  • Bugfix:  Replaced the ‘place’ option for hitching posts.  Note that the removal of place for vehicles was intended, so not a bug
  • Bugfix:  Models on ground items will now update properly on empty / full states
  • Bugfix:  You can no longer fillet meat or fish that is diced, minced, chopped or not raw
  • Bugfix:  Various spelling and text issues as listed below:
    • Candles made from beeswax should now show quality and damage on examine as do the candles made from fat
    • Descriptions on various cloth and leather items were changed from sown to sewn. (ie. Satchel: A piece of cloth sewn with thick threads into a satchel perfect for carrying about the back)
    • Construction Marker description changed from build to building
    • Cloth shoe description spelling corrected to interwoven
    • Fixed spelling error for fried steak, beef examine
    • Fixed spelling error for marmalade examine
    • Fixed grammar and capitalization in event message when player attempts to dye chairs
    • Fixed various plural and grammar issues with recipes and taking portions of recipes.
  • Bugfix:  Fixed an issue which surfaced when making bait from corn dough.
  • Bugfix:  Floats, lines and hooks should no longer decay while inside a tackle box in inventory.
  • Bugfix:  Tweaked the deed disbanding email method to help ensure that all emails get sent properly and on a timely basis.
  • Bugfix:  Sacrifice will no longer occur alongside the already ongoing action.
    • The ongoing action will cancel and sacrifice will take priority, continuing with the regular queue once sacrifice has completed 
    • This is to allow sacrificing to work while in combat
  • Bugfix:  Moonmetals should no longer lose weight when put into a bsb and taken out again.  Note that some lumps with less than .10 weight will still loose a small bit of weight when put into a bsb

Client Changes

  • New:  Third person camera view added.
    • An optional 3rd person camera view has been added.
    • Default keybind is V to enter 3rd person view.
    • The Minus and Plus keys will zoom in and zoom out.
    • New keybindings mapped by default: ZOOM_OUT (minus), ZOOM_IN (plus), CHANGE_VIEW (V)
  • Change: The JVM memory settings have been tweaked to address situations with excessive memory usage

Patch Notes 30/AUG/19 Jackal Awaits!

Patch Notes : Jackal Awaits!

Announcing the Jackal Server 

  • Jackal is a new time limited server lasting six months that players can transfer to from every other server.
  • Accessing the Jackal server will require the player to be premium.
  • To initially access Jackal, rifts will spawn at server opening with specific scheduled start times listed below
Independence6PM Fri UTC
Deliverance10PM Fri UTC
Pristine2AM Sat UTC
Chaos6AM Sat UTC
Celebration10AM Sat UTC
Xanadu2PM Sat UTC
Exodus6PM Sat UTC
Release10PM Sat UTC
Serenity2AM Sun UTC
Desertion6AM Sun UTC
Affliction10AM Sun UTC
Elevation2PM Sun UTC
  • Once rift on that server is closed a lodestone will appear allowing transport to Jackal.
  • Jackal lodestones can be player crafted with rift materials, stone bricks and mortar and used as regular portals to Jackal after the initial rift is closed.


Jackal is a hostile alien server with a vastly different aesthetic to the lands of Freedom. 

  • Pine, orange and lemon tree types have been removed from Jackal.
  • Six new tree types have been added. 
  • Jackal has the Epic hybrid skillgain system with 3x skill and 3x action speed.
  • Skill gained on Jackal will transfer to Freedom at a reduced rate 
    • Disabled for the first few weeks to ensure when it is enabled it works smoothly
    • When enabled will apply to any skill gained from the beginning of jackal
  • A new Jackal journal tier has been added
    • Certain tasks within the standard journal tiers have been disabled from triggering while on Jackal.
  • Completing certain tasks on Jackal will reward the player with Jackal points, redeemable for new item skins on Freedom.
    • Item skins to come in the coming weeks and months

Jackal creatures

  • Added Isopod
  • Added Giant Crab
  • Added Weta – the new ridden creature. 
    • Cannot wear gear 
    • Can ride up 50 slope
    • Custom spawn table for jackal, not all creatures will spawn there

Corruption Clearing

  • Corruption can be cleared by creating freedom beacons and destroying jackal beacons.
  • Jackal beacons are defended by increasingly difficult groups of creatures, which will all need to be defeated before their hearts can be burned at the beacons in order to destroy them
  • Destroying jackal beacons will make it easier for freedom beacons to radiate their influence in the area
  • Following a god and becoming a priest will be available from freedom beacons
  • The prayer faith gain limit has been doubled from 5 to 10 per 24 hours uptime on jackal only.

Rift changes

  • New point calculation system
  • New point buy system 
    • Defeating rift creatures and closing rifts will now reward players with Rift Points.
    • Rift points are now used to purchase specific items instead of RNG loot as before.
    • Accessible from lodestones and mailboxes when you have points to redeem

Updated Rift Creature AI

  • Each rift creature now has attacks and special mechanics depending on their type
  • New sounds for all Jackal creatures
  • Tweaked combat stats of Jackal creatures
  • Rifts now spawn in 4 waves that ramp up slower

Rift scouts 

  • Small groups of Rift creatures will spawn across the server. 
  • These creatures will provide a small challenge and reward the players with rift resource collection nodes and some rift points when defeated.

Changes to creature spawns

  • We will be trialling a new creature spawn table on two Freedom servers, Deliverance and Pristine. Players may see some new creatures previously only known on PvP servers.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Change: Guard towers on elevation now take 2x damage, the warning message to kingdom has been lowred to 50 damage to account for this.
  • Change: Players on elevation can now lead 2 horses while walking only.
  • Epic Bugfix: Village reputation will now be checked before declaring war
  • PvP Bugfix: Tile distance limitations will no longer block transmutating tiles to dirt.
  • Elevation Bugfix: Epic players will now deal damage again while path of hate rage is active.

Client Changes

  • Bugfix: Fixed ‘FBO not bound’ launch crash
  • Bugfix; Fixed certain quickbind key names not showing
  • Bugfix: Fixed select bar selection updating when moving the camera instead of clicking

New Permission System Live!

  • New Permissions System! Notes about security //
    • Note: We are working on fixing some issues with gates and mine door permissions
  • Combined kindling will use the default weight when making a fire (forge, oven, campfire).
  • Can now have a deed role for an Individual (non-citizen) role.
  • Deed plan now available for mayors.
  • Writs will vanish when examined / managed. Building can be managed by r-click or from manage menu.
  • You can now attach locks without having the key on you on PvE (was already like this on PvP).
  • You can now sacrifice keys when the lock still exists on same server.
  • Repair keybind should now work correctly on fences and walls.
  • Fences are now paintable.
  • Added missing text for deed settings.
  • Max number of branded animals is number of tiles / 11 (PvE).
  • Fixed face masks overriding the face protection that some helmets give.
  • Fixed leading animals who have a bridle equipped. You will always use the bridle to lead if it has one, even if you have a rope activated.
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t stop dragging items when you died.
  • Fix for player gods, so they allow flatten and level in caves if they can mine.

Wurm Unlimited Announcement

Wurm Unlimited Logo

We at Code Club, together with Plug In Digital, are very proud to announce Wurm Unlimited – the next step for the Wurm Fantasy Sandbox!

Coming to Steam the 21st of October 2015, Wurm Unlimited allows you to play in the Wurm world locally on your PC and even host persistent servers yourselves.

The game is pretty much a full copy of the current MMO engine with Steam integration. The idea behind the release is to present the Wurm world to new players and also help players who never got into the game to experience it in a more relaxed way. Hopefully our current or previous players will find it entertaining as well.

There are initially two modes planned for release: “Adventure”, which is a predefined world with a few warring kingdoms to live in and explore, and “Creative” which is an undeveloped map. The main goal for the Adventure mode will be to find a way of becoming a deity on the moon Valrei which we think is suitable both for a single player and a group of players either cooperating or belonging to different kingdoms.

In both modes you can set your player to become a Game Master with the possibility to instantly create items, summon creatures, build and terraform faster in order to create the experience you want for other players or just fool around with the features. You can also copy the whole game directory of any mode and create own, custom modes. You will be able to tweak variables such as initial skill values, skill gain rate, action timers and max number of creatures. It will also be possible to connect servers to each other and travel between them in order to create large persistent clusters.

Go ahead and check out the Steam page at //!

We will also write compile an FAQ. If you have questions, please post them in the relevant thread in our forum section here.

Wurm and Code Club in a nutshell:
Code Club is the independent game developer behind the sandbox MMO Wurm Online.
Released commercially in 2006 the game is still unique in that it features a persistent non-instanced fantasy sandbox world with complex terraforming, a player driven economy, free location player housing and settlements coupled with a huge feature set.
Website: //

Plug in Digital in a nutshell:

Plug in Digital focuses on distributing video games on digital platforms. Our motto, “Your games everywhere” explains it all. The company provides turnkey solutions for worldwide distribution and trade marketing in order to support video games throughout their entire lifecycles. Working hand in hand with all major distribution platforms as well as the main retail and cloud gaming actors, Plug in Digital’s team ensures an outstanding exposure and monetization of your games.

For more information: //

New Challenge up and running!

We’ve just released the next Challenge – Dominance! You can play there as premium for free for the next two weeks, trying out Wurms full loot PvP environment and creation possibilities. Focus is on kingdom versus kingdom battles with nice prizes in various categories.

More details are in our forums here: //


We now recommend for trading

Ever since the beginning of Wurm we have allowed and even encouraged account, coin, and item sales because we never felt comfortable with the restrictions on that in other MMO’s. Playing those games we thought such restrictions limited us in a way that only benefited the game developers.

We think you as a player should be allowed to convert your endeavours since you spend so much time in these games trying to create or find value and goodies. Apart from our general sandboxiness this is still an area where we stand out a bit in the industry. As many of you are aware Wurm Online is actually designed around the notion that our players should create and sell the valuables in between themselves.

Up until now, most trading has taken place in various sections of our official forums. This is not ideal since forums make for pretty poor marketplaces and we never intended for it to become a marketplace.

Historically, we have suggested “sites such as Ebay” for auctions, but unfortunately their support for digital goods is nonexistant.

We are now very happy to recommend Player Auctions, which is a serious marketplace who will protect both sellers and buyers. From now on we encourage our users to conduct their third party business there.

That’s why we suggest you to go to the Wurm Online section found at // and create an account today!


Happy trading,


CEO Code Club AB

Player Auctions Logotype

Enclosure rule no longer effective

  • As per the last weeks notifications, changes and updates to pricing, the enclosure rule is no longer effective and off-deed fences are no longer protected by the GMs.
  • In an update soon to come (hopefully tomorrow), there will be tents which will help protect newbies. More info on the functionality when the update arrives.
  • We still haven’t decided on a course of action regarding the highway rule so that one is still in effect.