Patch Notes 21/OCT/2021

Change: Tweaks to mixing dye

  • Color components that are equal in each dye will never be changed in the result. In other words, two dyes with the same amount of red will result in mixed dye with that same amount of red regardless of quality level.
  • Color components that are not equal in each dye will always result in a change in the final product, rounding toward grey (128). In other words, if 1g of RGB 200,200,200 dye is mixed into 10,000L of RGB 1,1,1 dye, the resulting dye will be RGB 2,2,2. This is a special case only applied when the change would have otherwise rounded to nothing, such as when mixing vastly different quantities of dye.
  • Color mixing is rounded to whole values later in the calculation, resulting in increased accuracy of mixing in certain cases.

October’s Monthly Skin

October’s “Seeker’s Lantern” skin will light up your world with a whole new style. Perfect to carry around as a light source, or to use as decor! Available through the month of October in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a lantern to give it a unique and fancy look.

Patch Notes 23/SEP/2021

  • Bugfix: Animals will now correctly eat unbutchered animal corpses.
  • Bugfix: Beverage recipes will now add to the cookbook when the player is offline.
  • Bugfix: Corrected the spelling of the name Rhythm for newly born animals.
  • Bugfix: Examine animal will now show correct information about which containers they will eat from in an area.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error when trying to bury a corpse on someone else’s deed
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error during rifts.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems with creatures packing grass and lawn.
  • Bugfix: Fixed situations where animals were not eating correctly when in mines.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the issue of the extra sleep bonus hour not showing when reaching max sleep bonus via achievements and then purchasing the extra sleep bonus via Marks.
  • Bugfix: Increased the chance of animals getting fat when they eat hay.
  • Bugfix: Magranon’s Fire will now fuel fireplaces correctly
  • Bugfix: Pet Bowls will no longer drop through fences.
  • Bugfix: Pick Stuff Up trait and the Stationary trait should now work correctly.
  • Bugfix: Prevented Hay items appearing as Valrei mission demands
  • Bugfix: Removed Hans and Simeon from the generic creature name list.
  • Bugfix: Spirit guards will fight back on the edges of villages now.
  • Bugfix: Tools will now take damage when removing pavement (surface and mine), removing mine door, and removing cladding.
  • Bugfix: Animals can now breed when slightly hungry.
  • Change: Stealthed players are no longer considered for drake/scale if they are stealthed when the kill happens.
  • Change: The manage animal menu will no longer close when selecting options like un-tame or un-brand and will instead reopen the animal manage window after.
  • New: Added the new title for 100 Large Metal Shield. Congratulations Neowyn!

Animal Breeding Tweaks:

  • Speed/Draft/Output traits will now have a large chance to be ignored during selection if the creature has no use for those traits.
  • Improved chance to pass on dominant traits.
  • Reduced how common misc traits are to pass on
  • Existing traits passed on from 1 or more parents are more likely to pass than newly generated traits.
  • Sick trait is now much less likely to kill something.
  • Increased the chance a bit to pass on the color of the parents.
  • Negative traits no longer get a bonus to pass down to offspring.

Patch Notes 17/JUN/2021

  • New: When inbreeding creatures, it will now display a message for you if you are above level 30 Animal Husbandry, telling you they are related at the start of the action.
  • New: Added the ability to drag and drop equipment onto animals, and an option to quickly unequip animals.
  • New: Inspect Animal is now allowed to be used through a fence.
  • New: Added new titles for Soul Strength
  • New: Added new title for 100 skill in Natural Substances.
  • New: Added new title for 100 skill in Two Handed Swords
  • New: Icons for Hay
  • Change: All creatures have had their base carry weight increased to help account for the splitting of speed and draft traits.
  • Change: Decreased penalty from added weight in vehicles and for using non-draft horses.
  • Change: Reduced the chance overall to get negative traits using the new system, additional small reduction in negative trait chance is added based on breeding skill.
  • Change: The inspect window will now show a separate line with “It has been bred in captivity” or “It is a wild creature”, to avoid showing “bred in captivity” in the trait list.
  • Change: Feeding troughs can no longer be locked
  • Bugfix: Pet Bowls can now be improved
  • Bugfix: Pet Bowls no longer stack into a pile when on the ground
  • Bugfix: Saddled animals will properly return to their original position after eating from a container
  • Bugfix: Corrections made to ensure animals in general return to the original position after eating.
  • Bugfix: Animals will no longer eat out of a locked hitching post if not hitched to it.
  • Bugfix: Renaming items on ground will now instantly show the new name
  • Bugfix: Prevent hitching post hell horses getting angry when eating from the ground.
  • Bugfix: Swimming sound will no longer continue to be heard after you embark on a boat if you’ve been swimming.
  • Bugfix: You will now hear a drum roll for the moment of inspiration when finding a rare coin.
  • Bugfix: Characters will now leave the world correctly after logging out.
  • Bugfix: Sickle use timer will now consider, rarity, skill, ql, runes and enchants.
  • Bugfix: Fixed parent names being swapped in inspect animal window
  • Bugfix: Increased the default window size for the Inspect Animal window.
  • Bugfix: Fixed in-game Wurmpedia processes using up a lot of memory, even after closing the game. The JCEF process should close properly once the game client is closed.

Please report any other issues of the JCEF process using up a lot of memory in the client bugs section, so we can track those down if they still exist.

Patch Notes 03/JUN/2021

  • New: Added examine messages for creatures eating out of pet bowls and searching the area for food
    • Examining a creature in an enclosure will show what containers it will eat from.
  • Change: Changes to Inspect Animal
    • You can now use “Inspect animal” on any creature, as long as you have over 10 Animal Husbandry.
    • The window will now also show the gender of the animal, colour, and parent names.
  • Change: Horses are now much more likely to pass on the colour of one of their parents.
  • Change: Name of parents of a creature will not show their age in the name displayed on Examine or in Inspect Animal. This only applies to cases where the parents are dead or on another server.
  • Change: Creatures will now only eat out of selected containers
    • Current containers that creatures can eat from when in an enclosure: Feeding Trough, Hitching Post, Small Bucket, Pet Bowl, Pottery Bowl
    • Creatures not in an enclosure can eat from an outdoor pet bowl, but will not eat from the others listed above
  • Change: Changes to Hay and Hay Production
    • Hay item sizes are now 4x heavier
    • Hay destruction in winter will be prevented
    • Hay tiles becoming dirt tiles will be prevented
  • Bugfix: Animals should no longer be able to travel through doors when looking for food.
  • Bugfix: Animals should now, once again eat out of hitching posts when they are hitched.
  • Bugfix: Animals will no longer continue to eat out of containers after moving the container to inventory.
  • Bugfix: Animals will now travel a maximum of 5 tiles for food. Animals will only travel for food if inside an enclosure, or in range of an outdoor pet bowl.
  • Bugfix: Pet bowl fixes
    • Sell value of the item has been lowered
  • Bugfix: Sheep model will now properly update to “fluffy” when it becomes able to be shorn
  • Bugfix: Feeding containers will now show the correct model when empty
  • Bugfix: Fixed being unable to ted drying tile in high sloped areas.
    • Scything grass in sloped areas will produce mixed grass in the player’s inventory
  • Bugfix: Horses being led by the player should no longer eat food remotely.
  • Bugfix: Animals will now correctly return to their original position after eating food
  • Bugfix: Horses will no longer run away upon disembarking or unhitching them

Note: A few things were not fully implemented during the update and need a quick fix coming soon to get them working. These include:

  • New: Added new titles for Soul Strength
  • New: Added new title for 100 skill in Natural Substances. Congrats Sidereal!
  • New: Icon for Hay
  • Bugfix: Pet Bowls can now be improved
  • Bugfix: Pet Bowls no longer stack into a pile when on the ground
  • Bugfix: Saddled animals will properly return to their original position after eating from a container

Client changes:

  • Change: It’s now possible to copy selected text from the in-game Wurmpedia, through a context menu option or CTRL+C
  • Bugfix: Terrain slope will no longer affect Pet Bowl text.
  • Bugfix: UI textboxes will now close correctly and will not stay on screen if their parent window is closed

Note: To help speed up your skilling in animal husbandry, and to make up for the extended downtime with the last update,  5 hours of sleep bonus (up to a cap of 10 hours) will be added to every account with the maintenance restart on June 10th. Thank you all for your patience with us!