Patch Notes 30-Nov-2021

  • Bugfix: Hay stacks and hay bundles will no longer be selected for item creation missions.
  • Bugfix: Fixed event spam for crossing border when on land vehicle.
  • New: Added several new 100 skill titles
    • 100 Channeling – Congratulations Stanlee!
    • 100 Hatchet – Congratulations, Trash!
    • 100 Shields – Congratulations, Neowyn!
    • 100 Large Wooden Shield – Congratulations, Silakka!
    • 100 Medium Wooden Shield – Congratulations, Silakka!
    • 100 Small Wooden Shield – Congratulations, Silakka!
    • 100 Medium Metal Shield – Congratulations, Silakka!
    • 100 Small Metal Shield – Congratulations, Silakka!

Patch Notes 23-Nov-2021

  • Change: When traveling close to a server edge, creatures will now only stop being led when 3 tiles from the border.
  • Bugfix: Another fix where unfinished items were creating phantom items again.
  • Bugfix: Caffeine sips will no longer decrease the hold duration timer.
  • Bugfix: Taming for creatures with It seems more friendly trait will now have a shorter timer.
  • Bugfix: It seems extremely tame trait will now work correctly. Should now show up as non-aggressive to players and not attack them.
  • Bugfix: Fireball AoE damage effect will now only hit things aggressive to you.
  • Bugfix: Will now show correct weight in crafting recipe list.
  • Bugfix: Fix for being unable to harvest maple trees.
  • Change: Removing one-per-tile restriction from some decoration items.
    • bell tower
    • pillar
    • oil barrel
    • royal throne
    • green tapestry
    • beige tapestry
    • orange tapestry
    • cavalry motif tapestry
    • festivities motif tapestry
    • battle of Kyara tapestry
    • tapestry of Faeldray
    • tapestry of Evening
    • tapestry of Mclavin
    • tapestry of Ehizellbob

Patch Notes 16-Nov-2021

Bugfix: Fixed unfinished items teleporting out of cave layer upon completion.

Bugfix: Pregnancy timers on Defiance and Elevation have been reduced to 4 hours on average. Like other pregnancy timers, there is some randomized difference added or subtracted from this.

Bugfix: Fixed sealing and unsealing items held in a worn item such as a backpack, or held in an equipment slot.

New: Players will now stop leading creatures when they are close to the server border.

Bugfix: Stopped the use of 1 per tile items if multiple are stacked up together on a tile

Bugfix: Fixed tree harvest timer.

Bugfix: Green tea leaves will no longer turn into Oolong tea leaves when placed inside a Magic Chest.

Bugfix: Using 1g sips of caffeine will no longer refresh the buff entirely.

Skillgain Event Extension

Some of you may have noticed we had a bug that caused the skillgain event to end before it was meant to, and we’re making it up to you with an extension of the event until Sunday at midnight server time. You can hover over the icons in your effects window to easily see the duration of the event. Though skill gain and affinity chance has been extended, the Halloween event still ends midnight server time on Friday, November 5th.

November’s Monthly Skin

November’s “Skeleton Chest” skin is one to treasure, with some delightfully spooky skeletal adornments! Available through the month of November in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a large chest to give it a unique and fancy look.

Hotfix 02-NOV-2021

  • Bugfix: Unicorn foals will no longer be born without names
  • Bugfix: Empty wells not being filled with water will once again show the correct model
  • Bugfix: Fixed caffeine effect still showing when activating sleep bonus after the effect has worn off
  • Bugfix: Fixed morning coffee resetting too soon
  • Bugfix: Fixed tea leaves disappearing when placed on tables
  • Bugfix: Fixed tea leaves dropping to lower floors
  • Bugfix: Fixed where making lye, players were losing material on creation

Hot Fix 2021-10-30

  • Coffee ibriks are now able to be repaired and improved.
  • The favor value of the teapot, coffee pot, ibrik, pottery cup, and pottery mug has been reduced.
  • We are pushing a fix for animals escaping pens, moonwalking, and pacing. We will be monitoring this fix and adjusting as needed.
  • Creatures will once again receive their breeding cooldown timer.