WSA: display issues with new client 3/MAY/18

If you are experiencing display issues with coloured sprites, please enable the “Max Dynamic Lights” checkbox in advanced settings. As each system may be different, you will need to lower the number gradually until the coloured sprites stop displaying. We will be working on a fix in an updated client as soon as possible

The Wurm team

Client update 03/MAY/18

  • Fixed items angled incorrectly on terrain.
  • Fixed GLSL issues for Mac.
  • Fixed issues causing stuttering during movement.
  • Addressed low FPS issues. (Note: If you are still experiencing FPS issues limiting or lowering the maximum dynamic lights in settings should help.)

Patch Notes 26/APR/18

PvP Affinities and rank rework:

PvP Rank:

  • Rank is now more evenly split between attackers. Rank gained/lost depends on the total average rank of all attackers versus the killed player.
  • If there is more than double the number of attackers worth of rank to be split, half will be spread evenly and the other half will be spread based on the rank of each attacker (lower ranked attackers will gain more than a higher ranked attacker).
  • If there is only enough rank to be split evenly, then no bonuses will be given based on attacker rank.
  • If there isn’t enough to be split evenly, then it will be split based on attacker rank only.
  • Killed player will lose 75% of the rank gained among attackers, instead of 100%.
    • (e.g. 20 rank split across 5 attackers: Each of the 5 will gain a base of 2 rank each. The other 10 rank will be split between attackers based on their relative rank – lowest rank attacker might gain 3 bonus (total 5), next 3 might gain 2 (total 4), and highest rank might only gain 1 (total 3). Killed player will only lose 15 rank instead of 20.

PvP Affinities:

  • Affinity will now go to a random attacker instead of the “max” attacker.
  • Changed the chance for the affinity to be lost without transfer:If the chosen attacker already has at least 2 more affinities in the chosen skill than the killed player (before the affinity is lost), they will only have a 50% chance to gain the affinity. If the do not gain the affinity, another random attacker will get the chance instead.If no permanent affinity is gained, a week long timed affinity will be given to a random attacker instead. Killed player will still lose the affinity.
  • All other attackers will gain a timed affinity of between 1 and 2 days in the skill of the lost affinity.
  • Champions will now lose an affinity on death even if it is their only affinity.
  • If a killed player doesn’t drop an affinity (due to only having one, or none as a Champion), a random timed affinity between 3 and 6 hours will be given to all attackers.

PvP Mission changes:

  • Properly check the correct region when building mission structures on pvp.
  • Lowered the number of players required for x player missions on pvp.
  • Fixed rewards string for build missions.
  • Changed create/sacrifice missions to take into account more number of items properly (bell tower is more than 2 items, for example).
  • PvP servers should get less “requires x players” missions at higher difficulties.

General changes

  • Change: Ongoing creature movement tweaks to help get them off high mountains and away from fences and walls if on deed. Creatures will now prefer to move across flatter paths than up or down steep slopes.
  • Change:  Icons for pegs, masts and tenons added.
  • Change:  You can now level and flatten from a boat and the dirt/sand will go into the boat as long as there is enough room.
  • Change:  You can now do the following while mounted/embarked – yoyo, prune, pick sprout and harvest.
  • Change:  Copies of keys made from copper are now called key copy, copper in order to differentiate them from copper keys made with copper locks.
  • Change: A message in the event window will now appear when you gain an affinity via skill usage.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bugfix: Kilns should now properly have the bash/destroy option.
  • Bugfix: Various spelling and text errors.
  • Bugfix: Small bells will now take on the metal type of the resonator instead of always becoming brass.
  • Bugfix: Material types on lockpicks will now properly use and display the bonus for lockpicking.
  • Bugfix: The adamantine rune of jackal will correctly change the secondary color of drake/scale armour instead of the primary colour.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a depth check for flattening/leveling in shallow water.
  • Bugfix: Action queue is now cleared when continuing a fence if you are standing in the way of completing the fence.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which failed to check for reinforced floors in some cases when mining tile corners.
  • Bugfix: Grape seedling removed from mission item list.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a dredge leveling action which in rare cases caused a slope to lower by 1 dirt even with a full dredge.
  • Bugfix: Fixed branded and bred creatures on deed not losing agro when you back away and click no target.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that allowed dragging items from a branded/tamed horse onto an unbranded/untamed horse.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues with taking and opening distances with piles and containers.
  • Bugffix: Fixed potential issue with uniques dying early.
  • Bugfix: Brass oil lamps can now be crafted and improved correctly.

Client updates:

  • Change: Added animal condition colors back
  • Change: Distant terrain textures will look more fitting to the close ones
  • Change: Added a Very High setting to Terrain/Shadow Detail
  • Change: Fixed glitchy background when distant terrain was disabled.
  • Bugfix: Reduced light flickering
  • Bugfix: New stone fences will properly export to Deed Planner 2.8+.
  • Bugfix: Slate and marble brick pavement will properly export to Deed Planner 2.8+
  • Bugfix: Texture size settings will now work for all objects properly



Patch Notes 6/APR/18/

Epic structure changes:

  • All epic structures are now able to be improved.
  • All epic structures can be moved and rotated by their owners.
  • All epic structures cannot be moved and block deeds if they are involved in an active mission
  • Epic structures will not block deeds and will be removed from the pool
    of possible targets if on deed on all servers.

Bugfix: Tile item count will be checked for items dropping on creation and being unloaded in order to prevent piles of more than 100 items.

Patch Notes: 5/APR/18

Changes and additions:

  • Heal spell will now heal a minimum of 30% and scale up to 100% depending on cast power.
  • Sacrifice creature success for missions will now take player FS and creature CR into account:
    • Weaker creatures will be able to be sacrificed at more health.
    • The existing requirements of 50% health or less will remain the cap.
  • Mission descriptions will now display the movement timer reduction upon completion of the mission


Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix: Artifacts can no longer be placed inside saddlebags/saddlesacks.
  • Bug fix: You can no longer remove the string from a bow unless the bow is in your inventory.
  • Bug fix: You can now mine out of a cliff tile without getting an error message.
  • Bug fix: Fixed various spelling and text errors.
  • Bug fix: When opening a gift inside a container, the contents will go into the player’s main inventory.
  • Bug fix: Smelters and kilns should no longer take damage when on deed and upkeep is greater than 30 days.
  • Bug fix: Tree stumps should once again match the tree woodtype.
  • Bug fix: Creation of Sandstone parapets should now use the proper quantity of sandstone bricks.
  • Bug fix: The action cycle for completing a fence will now cancel if the player is in the way of completion.
  • Bug fix: Global spells cast by player gods will now correctly announce the deity name of the casters.
  • Bug fix: Missions will now display there correct karma per item when requiring multi part items.
  • Bug fix: Guard tower ritual missions will now spawn correctly and display tower name as well as kingdom affiliation.