Patch Notes 28-SEP-2022

Server Changes:

  • Change: Changes to Rifts:
    • Removed 1 wave from rifts, this reduces the total creatures spawned by about 40%
    • Rift Warmaster now gives 20 points instead of 1.
  • Change: Change to the Defiance Meditation cap:
    • The meditation level cap has been removed from Defiance, only knowledge will gain any effect from above the normal Defiance meditation cap still for now but any path can level it up as high as they want.
    • Reduced the time cool down between meditation level ups for defiance by half, the skill requirements will stay the same and this will effect all paths and all levels.

Client Changes:

  • Fix: Fixed a shader crash on new Mesa drivers.
  • Fix: Buffed Fog – it should now show better in the modern renderer.

Patch Notes 16-Aug-2022

  • Bugfix: Ebony/molten speed bonus now applies to hitched animals
  • Bugfix: New Necklaces from treasure hunting are now improvable.
  • Bugfix: Unique skulls are now decorations.
    • Unique hats: Crown of the Troll King and Goblin Leader War Bonnet will now no longer show leather as the tool required to imp them when viewed in inventory.
  • Bugfix:  It is no longer possible to open dirty caskets/sealed bottles that you did not drop/place.
  • Change: Archaeology and Restoration Rebalance
    • Getting runes will now be slightly easier when combining archaeology fragments.
    • The following actions now reduce the chance to receive runes:
      • Using the incorrect tool on restoration steps
      • Failing an identify action
      • Failing a combine action
    • Instantly identified fragments will now give a better chance of runes.
    • Wood fragments will now say wood instead of birchwood.
    • When combining a basic metal item the chance of iron is now improved at higher levels.
    • When combining an alloy metal item the chance of steel is now improved at higher levels.
    • When getting runes or casts on combined archaeology items it will now consider an item a tool before a weapon if it is considered both. This prevents tools that are also weapons from getting only weapon runes and casts.
    • Rebalanced casts on combined archaeology items to be considerably higher power on average and based on restoration skill.
    • The odds of getting a spell cast on a restored item have been roughly cut in half.
    • It is now possible to get 5 runes where a bug prevented this in the past.
    • A hatchet is now considered a tool and will get tool runes.
    • A bush will no longer detract from a tile’s archaeology value.
    • The top tier of fragments has been made possible to achieve by easing the requirements a bit.
    • A bug preventing sand from becoming investigable more than once per server restart has been fixed.
    • Enchantment success runes now reduce difficulty instead of increasing bonus.
    • Mend runes are now any target
    • Tool tips will now show rune names and abbreviations
    • All bulk items will not get runes or casts so they can be stored easily
    • Planks have been added to the drop table
    • Arrow shafts have been removed from the drop table
    • Partially identified fragments will now better reflect what they are (wooden, metal, weapon, etc)
    • You can now smelt items with enchantments and runes by confirming the action via a popup.
    • Mini tokens will now indicate direction to their associated deed.
    • Tin ore no longer shows as a metal fragment on second stage of investigation
    • Transferring servers with unidentified fragments should no longer make them revert to iron and steel.
    • Crude shovels will no longer be wooden fragments
    • Moon metal fragment drop rate in caches has been doubled
  • Change: Difficulty and quality formulas for various nature actions have been changed to use your entire skill value instead of only the whole number portion.
    • For example, at 99.5 skill, quality and difficulty will be based on that value of 99.5 instead of just 99. This will usually result in slightly higher-quality results when foraging, botanizing, harvesting from trellises, picking pottery planters, and searching for fishing items (grubs, wurms, bark, and twigs).
  • Change: The “Improve an Armour Piece to 80QL” journal goal can now be completed by improving a shield to 80QL, not just body armour. The goal’s text has been changed to reflect this.
  • Change: Ore ql is no longer capped at 99.9999 and can now be mined at 100 with rare+ or imbued tools if you have 100 skill.
  • Change: The  /me chat command no longer works in Help related channels.
  • Change: Updated time until able to breed timer to be accurate and use a timestamp.
  • New: Added a new title for 100 in Hammer skill. Congratulations Nineol!

Patch Notes 19-JUL-2022

  • Bugfix: Fixed the Scale of Libila cooldown not working for the on use effect. It now shares the 4 hours cooldown with the animate corpse effect.
  • Change: Changed the foreign chat channels description to allow more types of discussion outside help and group finding.
  • New: Added a Spanish global chat, you can enable this in your profile menu by right clicking your body.

Patch Notes 12-July-2022 and July’s Monthly Skin

  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error in event message when planning a bridge.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error when failing to make a press/fruit press.
  • Change: Treasure map model will now be slightly larger when dropped/placed.

Note: Champions on Chaos will officially be removed with this update. Any champion that logs in will dechamp shortly after, with -5 to all characteristics instead of the normal -6; everything else functions as a normal dechamp.

July’s “Raider’s Axe” skin gives a sharp and spikey look to your Axe! Available through the month of July in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any regular Axe (not Huge or Small) to give it a unique and fancy look.

Patch Notes 05-JUL-2022

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that was causing cedar items to decay much slower than intended.
  • Bugfix: Another fix to allow proper triggering of multiple journal goals by one achievement.
  • Bugfix: Fixes to UI lag issues.
  • Bugfix: Moon metal archaeology fragments will now transform into proper moon metal materials when the item is completed.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer place merchants on a bridge without a stall.
  • PVP Change: Must now place a merchant within your own kingdom’s influence on PVP servers.

Champions on Chaos

With champions having been removed from Epic and never introduced onto Defiance, the topic has also come up several times about removing them from Chaos. We feel that this is the best short-term solution until we have a chance to rebalance and reintroduce them.

We will disable champions for Chaos during the maintenance reset on July 12th. When this happens, any existing champion that logs in will dechamp shortly after, with -5 to all characteristics instead of the normal -6; everything else functions as a normal dechamp.

We hope to bring champions back in the future, but in a way that makes them less of a requirement to remain competitive and more of a fun gameplay choice.

Patch Notes 28-JUN-2022

  • Bugfix: Clarified description of “Create a Set of Cloth Armour” journal goal to mention tabards.
  • Change: “Create an Animal Skin Rug” goal will now accept mountain lion rugs.
  • Bugfix: Journal goals that exist in more than one tier, such as creating a chess set, are now triggered immediately in all applicable tiers when completed.
  • Change: Chess pieces will appear slightly larger now when placed/dropped on the ground.
  • Bugfix: Forage and Botanize will now give a chance for a rare roll for rare items given mid action.
  • Change: Changed how maps are generated to fix issues with black splotches extending from the top of some maps.

Bugfix: UI Fixes:

  • Fixed toolbelt not updating as often as it should.
  • Fixed no target button on the target window being delayed when hovering.
  • Fixed flashing elements to update as they should when animated (for climbing button and inventory).

Patch Notes 21-JUN-22

  • Bug fix: Corrected description of “Create a Meditation Rug” achievement.
  • Bug fix: The “Create 10 Masonry Fences” goal will now properly progress upon completion of any fence using the Masonry skill.
  • Bug fix: Achievements related to foraging cacoa beans now refer to the correct item and will trigger properly.
  • Bugfix: Fireplaces will now also give warnings about placing burnable items on them.
  • Bugfix: The cutlass and sabre rewards from treasure hunting are now improvable.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer cast dispel on items which have no enchants or you do not have permission to dispel.
  • Bugfix: (PVP) You must now be within range of a chained tower or village token to build or continue a new guard tower.
  • Change: Removed non combat hard skill requirements from focusing and left it to just the fighting skill roll instead.
    • This fixes being unable to focus with the new combat UI

Patch Notes 14-JUN-22 and June’s Monthly Skin!

June’s “Small Prickly Cactus” skin brings a decorative desert-y feel to pottery planters! Available through the month of June in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any empty pottery planter to give it a unique and fancy look.

  • Bugfix: Fixed some issues with windows not updating as often as they should.
  • Bugfix: “Bake a pie, tart, or cake” journal goal will now trigger as intended when baking one of these items.
  • Bugfix: For journal goals consisting of multiple distinct achievements, such as “Mine Copper and Tin” and “Milk a Cow, Bison, and Sheep”, the journal window will now show which percentage of those tasks you have completed instead of showing the entire task as complete when you have only completed some of them.
  • Bugfix: Paving a tile underground will now grant credit toward the “Pave 10 Tiles” journal goal.
  • Bugfix: “Write with Black Ink and a Reed Pen” journal goal will now be awarded properly.
  • Bugfix: Removed reference to “stone” material in oven and forge descriptions.
  • Bugfix: Throwing a snowball at a creature outside of combat will now trigger the appropriate Steam achievement.
  • Bugfix: Runes that adjust the size or volume of an item can no longer be applied or dispelled if the item contains other items, or is contained inside another item.
  • Bugfix: Treasure map clues will now correctly identify the style of guard towers mentioned in them.
  • Change: Treasure hunts will now avoid picking a tile inside a structure for treasure hunt locations.
  • Change: Nearby villages for challenge steps on Treasure hunts will now be closer to the actual location.
  • Change: Archery Towers will no longer be in the list of Treasure Hunt steps.
  • New: Newly generated old village maps may have hover text to show what icons are referencing.
  • New: Added a right-click option to maps to show/hide a colour legend.