Art Update 01/AUG/17

  • Added creature LODs: Pheasant, Hen, Rooster, Chicken, Wild Cat, Wraith, Boar, Zombie, Female guards, Generic human, Gorilla, Octopus, Worg, Skeleton, Tortoise, Whale, Lavafiend, Lavaspider, Unicorn+equipment
  • Added ship LODs: Knarr, Caravel, Cog, Corbita
  • Added adamantine and glimmersteel vein textures (WU)
  • Corona for Dragon HOTA statue will no longer hover above the statue.

Art Update 18/MAY/17

  • Added new bushes
  • Added clad reinforced cave walls
  • Added Almanac
  • Added seryll, glimmersteel and adamantine chain bardings
  • Bugfix: Incomplete stone fences now show the correct materials
  • Bugfix: Fixed a number of fences not showing decay
  • Bugfix: Sandstone shard pile
  • Bugfix: Pile of sage and fresh herbs

Art update 26/01/17

  • Reworked felled trees; Removed leaves and centered them on the tile so they easier to interact with and play nice with terrain (automatic switch from falling to felled only works on unstable client at the moment, can be pushed or dropped on stable client)
  • Added particles to falling trees
  • Flatten and Level in mines now uses mining animation instead of digging, leveling outside uses digging
  • Added animation when interacting with cave ceiling