Patch Notes 12-July-2022 and July’s Monthly Skin

  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error in event message when planning a bridge.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text error when failing to make a press/fruit press.
  • Change: Treasure map model will now be slightly larger when dropped/placed.

Note: Champions on Chaos will officially be removed with this update. Any champion that logs in will dechamp shortly after, with -5 to all characteristics instead of the normal -6; everything else functions as a normal dechamp.

July’s “Raider’s Axe” skin gives a sharp and spikey look to your Axe! Available through the month of July in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any regular Axe (not Huge or Small) to give it a unique and fancy look.

Halloween Arrives In Wurm Online

Hey all you ghouls and goblins, it’s time to celebrate the season of creepiness! Slay your way through the forests, mountains, and deserts for your chance to find some new Halloween drops, and grab your shovel or trowel to dig up some grave- errrr, spooky themed archaeology fragments.

Note: The Spooktacular Skill Gain Event is not yet active and will begin with the scheduled update

October’s Monthly Skin

October’s “Seeker’s Lantern” skin will light up your world with a whole new style. Perfect to carry around as a light source, or to use as decor! Available through the month of October in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a lantern to give it a unique and fancy look.

Art Update 01/AUG/17

  • Added creature LODs: Pheasant, Hen, Rooster, Chicken, Wild Cat, Wraith, Boar, Zombie, Female guards, Generic human, Gorilla, Octopus, Worg, Skeleton, Tortoise, Whale, Lavafiend, Lavaspider, Unicorn+equipment
  • Added ship LODs: Knarr, Caravel, Cog, Corbita
  • Added adamantine and glimmersteel vein textures (WU)
  • Corona for Dragon HOTA statue will no longer hover above the statue.

Art Update 18/MAY/17

  • Added new bushes
  • Added clad reinforced cave walls
  • Added Almanac
  • Added seryll, glimmersteel and adamantine chain bardings
  • Bugfix: Incomplete stone fences now show the correct materials
  • Bugfix: Fixed a number of fences not showing decay
  • Bugfix: Sandstone shard pile
  • Bugfix: Pile of sage and fresh herbs