Patch Notes 03/JUL/20

This update includes the new UI available via the Preview client. The information regarding the Preview client can be found here:

  • Change:  The mention of trader value has been removed from the Get Price option on items.
  • Change:  The current healing rate of a wound is now visible when the wound is examined, and when hovered over with the mouse or viewed in a window.
    • The information given is more precise at higher skill levels.
    • Information for wounds on another creature or player requires higher skill levels than viewing your own wounds.
    • Information given when hovering with the mouse or viewing the wound in a window requires higher skill levels than examining the wound.
    • The most basic level of information (whether a wound is stable, healing, or worsening) is always available for a player’s own wounds.
  • Bugfix:  Changed nolocate spell action verb to “casting” instead of “hiding” when casting the spell on a stack.
  • Bugfix:  Gods will no longer accept portions of food when sacrificing.
  • Bugfix: Changed “in the eyes” to “in [his/her/its] eyes” in insanity event message
  • Bugfix:  Fixed unintended pluralization of Valrei mission items.
  • PvP Bugfix: Blocked marks faith swap if new diety does not fit the kingdom template.

Client Update 15/JUN/20

  • New: Shadows will now appear on the water surface
  • Bugfix: Fixed volumetric fog shining through distant terrain and in caves
  • Bugfix: Fixed ‘rotate camera with mount’ option not working in third-person
  • Bugfix: Fixed being able to look through walls next to you
  • Bugfix: Stars will no longer appear in front of moons
  • Bugfix: Moons should no longer overlap each other incorrectly

Patch Notes 28/MAY/20

  • The Jackal server will be shut down after its closure:
    • Since its finish, the Jackal server has been up in order to allow accounts still on it to cross back and receive points and skill transfers. Shortly, we will be shutting the Jackal server down as we prepare to focus on the Steam launch. If you have an account still on the Jackal server and would like to receive the points from transferring, please do so soon.
  • New: Added titles for 70 and 90 Soul Depth and Soul Strength
  • New: You can now use place on large seats/chairs/benches as long as they are not occupied
  • Change: An on/off toggle has been added to your profile for dig to pile. Default is ON
  • Change: A ‘Close Tutorial’ button has been added to the New Player Tutorial
  • Change: Foods under 30 quality will now fill your food bar to a greater percentage than previously
  • PvP changes made based on discussion within the PvP Discussion forum post:
    • Change: Tangleweave cast time has been reduced from 7 seconds to 3 seconds
    • Change: Adjusted sailing mechanics as noted below
    • Timers on changing boat speed are now halved
    • Stamina reduction on boats is also now halved
    • Change: Focused Will has been changed to be in line with the recent pvp cure spell changes. (See Patch Notes 30/APR/20 for details)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which prevented decorative items from decaying inside a trash heap if it was on deed
  • Bugfix: Large planter harvests should no longer result in negative quality harvests
  • Bugfix: Killing rebirthed creatures will no longer count in fulfilling missions
  • Bugfix: Rift Turret armour chains will now have a random metal property when butchered. Note: This only applies to chains butchered after this patch
  • Bugfix: Attempting to use “Place” with an item you normally can’t pick up will now prevent you from placing it on top of another item, like a shelf or a table
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few issues with skins not showing properly in all cases
  • Change: Sky visuals received a full overhaul
  • New: Added a “Volumetric Fog” option that produces a realistic light scattering effect
  • Change: Fixed many instances of z-fighting in the distance
  • New: Added a camera smoothing option to the settings

Patch Notes 30/APR/20

  • New: The title for 100 rake has been added
  • New: The title for 100 Papyrusmaking has been added
  • New: Added /servertime command for easier access of the local server time
    • NOTE: This will dictate the start and end time of events 
  • Change: Tangleweave changes as listed below:
    • Cooldown increased to 5 mins
    • Favour cost doubled to 30
    • Cast time increased to 7 seconds
  • Change: Added a low glance rate bonus to all armour against poison.
    • It now has a low glance rate but is still consistent and low across all armour types equally
  • Change: Prevented all hitched creatures on PVE from being labelled enemies by village guards
  • Change: Changed rowing boat creation requirement from mooring rope to regular rope
  • Change: Disabled the /snipe feature
  • Change: Changed the colours of butchered Valrei Items and Valrei mission items and their icons to tell the difference more easily:
    • Valrei mission items have retained the bluish colouring
    • Valrei items looted from epic mobs are now reddish in colour
  • Bugfix text: Fixed messaging when finding a Valrei mission item while digging/investigating to more accurately describe the discovery
  • Bugfix text: Fixed examine description of unfinished item parts list:
    • Changed metal item names to “metal” instead of specific material
    • Fixed item plurals
    • Use ‘and’ on last part needed only
  • Bugfix text: Removed ‘iron’ from improve messaging when a needle is needed
  • Bugfix: Fixed mission traitor creatures and trees to keep their glow effect after a server restart, and the effect will properly vanish when they are killed
  • Bugfix: Prevented cave wall tiles being converted back to rock salt after being mined and collapsing back into rock
  • Bugfix: Corrected many item plurals, names of some always-plural items, and adjusted descriptions where needed:
    • Corrected the names of all presumptive-plural items (acorn, wemp seed, etc.)
    • Adjusted the plural names of many items that were wrong, excessively generic (especially important for things like missions), or that could be ambiguous in the future
    • Updated some item descriptions to match, as well as one or two item descriptions that had errors in them
  • Bugfix: Removed potions from the Marks store gift box which are not currently implemented
    • Removed Ointment of Masonry
    • Removed Potion of Waterwalking
  • Bugfix: Fixed crossing borders on boats to properly eject offline passengers
  • Bugfix: Removed death sound and death notices from creature load location when the creature dies while on another server
  • Bugfix: Fixed items moving slightly on server restarts causing some to move above ground
  • PVP Change:  Healing has been changed in the following ways:
    • Cure light/medium/severe are only cast-able on wounds, not the body directly when the caster is riding a vehicle on PvP servers only
    • Heal spells on PvP servers now increase resistance at 150% the normal rate
  • PvP Change: Allowed Black Light kingdoms to have up to 3 Libila champions
  • Client change: The screenshot file format option has been added back into settings with jpg being the default
  • Client change: Reduced default sound and music volume
  • Client bugfix: Fixed an issue when holding alt while placing items on other items

WSA – Free Faith Transfer Expiring

Hi Everyone!

We want to give you all a reminder that we are approaching the end of the free faith transfer for priests post player god removal.

The free faith transfer option will expire at midnight (00:00) on May 1st, CEST

If you are intending on transferring faith, please do so before then, as the only option after will be through the loyalty store.


The Wurm Team

An AWS Celebration!

Celebration is now the first player-accessible live server running in AWS!

This move should resolve the massive lag spikes we were seeing on Celebration, but we may experience growing pains as we adjust settings and resources for the server in AWS.

The server is also still hosted in Germany. While connection lag such as from the United States and Australia will not go away it may improve some due to the AWS infrastructure.

If reporting lag issues, please consider this connection lag. Also it’s best to judge lag over a period of time. The type of lag we’d expect to see would be smaller and frequent spikes, if any lag at all.

Hotfix 27/MAR/20

  • Mission items will now be properly credited to the correct mission when sacrificed.
  • No-drop items may once again be moved out of containers in a player’s inventory.
  • Fixed gift boxes giving common (non-rare, non-supreme) bones.
    • Clarification: When you get a bone from the gift box, it has a one in ten chance to be supreme, otherwise it’s rare.
  • Fixed an issue causing mission and scenario progress to be lost.