Patch Notes 23-MAY-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Meditation and faith gain counters in the new server-controlled timers now properly show how many you have left instead of how many you’ve already done.
    • The meditation path advancement timer is now more clear in its name and hover description about whether or not you have enough skill to advance to a new path level.
  • Bugfix: Meditation cooldown will reset correctly when a new day starts.
  • Bugfix: Temperature state text in item hover descriptions has been improved and should no longer overlap other text.
  • Bugfix: Priests can now quench hot items.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where animals crossing servers would disappear.
  • Bugfix: Missions will no longer sometimes show an incorrect amount of karma rewarded for participation following a server reboot.
  • Bugfix: Progress toward the “Hold 100 Sermons” journal goal has been fixed.
  • Change: The new quality lock system has been improved: If a maximum quality is set, only items under that quality will be allowed, instead of items equal to or under that quality. For example, if a container is set with a minimum of 90QL and a maximum of 100QL, 100QL items will no longer be allowed. This change should allow you to set proper ranges on multiple bins without having to worry about any accidental overlap, especially with 100QL items.
    • Text has been changed in several areas to make this change clear.
    • You may wish to double-check your existing quality-locked containers in order to make sure their settings reflect what you want after these changes.
  • Change: Missions asking for the creation of guard towers will now give credit for any guard tower built, regardless of type or kingdom.
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Weapon Heads Smithing. Congrats Aetherwalker!
  • New: Added missing titles for 3 skills:
    • Blade Smithing
    • Weapon Head Smithing
    • Trebuchets

Hotfix 5/26/2023

  • Bugfix: Additional fixes for creature cage crossing issues.