Patch Notes 25-APR-2023 and Hotfix 27-APR-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bug fix: Wax sealing kits now have their quality and damage set properly when a container is unsealed.
  • Bug fix: Placing a smaller item on a larger item (such as an anvil), then picking up the larger item, will no longer cause the smaller item to appear to be on the ground again if a change is made to it while in your inventory, such as cooling down or being renamed.
  • Bugfix: Dyeable carpets now show “dye trim” as the option for dyeing the secondary part of the carpet. Which part of the carpet is the base and which is the trim has also been fixed for large flower carpets, small colourful carpets, and large colourful carpets. Colour of existing items has not been changed.
  • Bugfix: When eating a snowball with a full hunger bar, it will now fill your water bar correctly.
  • Change: All metal bowls can now contain liquids.
  • Change: You may now lead the normal maximum of creatures on PVP servers as long as you are not leading a horse, hell horse, mule or donkey. Leading any of the listed creatures will limit you to 1 as in the past.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer use office titles to check if a player without an office is online

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed font size in Steam store window causing text to escape the window.

Art Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed hair showing incorrectly when wearing Winged Helms.

Hotfix 27-APRIL-2023

-Fix: Fixed PvP leading issues from last update.
-Fix: Added missing pack update for carpet fix from Tuesday.