Patch Notes 6-APR-2023, Easter Event, and April’s Monthly Skin!

This Easter, we are changing things up a bit! From the start of Sunday, April 9th until the end of Sunday, April 16th ( server time) premium players can forage to find an Easter Basket which contains a single step treasure hunt close to your village containing some brand new goodies! Players not part of a village will have their basket located near the closest starter village. You can continue to forage for new dyable Easter Eggs even after your basket has been found, which come pre-dyed in random sizes and colors.

April’s “Bunny Backpack” skin turns your backpack into a cuddly and festive rabbit! Available through the month of April in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Backpackto give it a unique and fancy look!

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Items placed on walls will now correctly fall to the floor when walls are removed.
  • Bug fix: Locked items with permissions applied, such as vehicles, now require management permissions in order to dye or remove color from them.
  • Change: You can now place items on guard towers.
  • New: Backpacks are now dyeable.


Bugfix: Reduced the minimum range from token for the Easter events to bury your basket to fix some villages which where not allowing them to spawn.