Patch Notes 28-MAR-2023

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Birchwood archaeology fragments will now convert to wood fragments on attempt to combine them. This will allow use of the legacy birchwood frags.
  • Bugfix: Holy Site Fixes
    • Bug fix: Holy site backlash effects now give an event message even if entirely resisted (using Soul Strength).
    • Bug fix: Holy site backlash creature spawns now spawn around the target player instead of some other location very far away.
    • Bug fix: Corrected a jumbled message when multiple holy site backlash creatures are spawned around someone nearby.
    • Bug fix: Holy site backlash damage effects now give messages appropriately, specify which body part they hit, and their effects (such as bleeding) function properly.
    • Bug fix: Bleeding effect power is now properly updated in the spell effects bar/window when it is reduced over time by bleeding.
    • Bug fix: Fixed visual effects not starting properly for players inside a holy site when it is first activated.
    • Bug fix: Additional creature types may now spawn at the Fo steppe holy site (Sampo).
    • Bug fix: The amount of moon metal from rummaging at a Magranon holy site has been reduced.
    • Bug fix: The amount of favor given to a deity on holy site expiration has been corrected.
    • Bug fix: Boars and hyenas now change size properly if they have a condition (such as Greenish or Champion).
    • Holy site pulse messages are now alerts (in orange text) to better stand out in the event tab.
    • Holy site backlash creature spawns now have “vengeful” added to their name, for the sake of clarity.
    • Fo holy sites now spawn creatures twice as often as other holy sites. This only affects normal timed creature spawns, not creatures spawned due to backlash effects.
    • Holy site spawning should now heavily prioritize whichever type of holy site does not exist on that server for that particular deity. For example, if a Fo holy site is being spawned, and a Sampo exists on the server but not a Wishing Tree, it will be extremely unlikely to spawn a second Sampo, and extremely likely to spawn a Wishing Tree instead.
    • Event tab messages from holy site pulse and expiration will now be alert colored instead of normal colored.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed some situations where placing an item on a far target would snap back to a closer door.
  • Bugfix: Holy Sites enhancements
    • Bug fix: Corrected final positioning of meteorites and their visual effects, and the fire and smoke effects now fade out properly when they land.
    • Bug fix: Some previously-missing visual effects have been added to holy sites.
    • Change: Meteorites spawned by Magranon holy sites will now fall with staggered timing instead of dropping all at the same instant.

Art Changelog

  • Bugfix: Empyrean lamps will now show model and light effects correctly.
  • Bugfix: Steel Helms with the Bucket Skin on will now correctly show the head.
  • Bugfix: Fixed items with skins applied not showing empyrean material.
  • Bugfix: Catapult and Battering Rams will now display the color they are dyed properly.