Patch Notes 09-FEB-2023

We wanted to go over a few things along with today’s patch notes. First off, we will be releasing the Holy Sites testing again to give it a real testing period (unlike the first which was right around the holidays). We apologize for the delay, but it will be ready for testing again tomorrow followed by a release after gathering more feedback. Defiance PMK’s are being held back along with it while we consider some changes there as well.

On the second topic for today, due to changes with the Twitter API, we will be introducing a Discord replacement. To add this select Discord Settings on your token and add in the requested webhook information, these are the first and second part of the link given when creating the webhook..

As a temporary replacement for server feeds should twitter go down, you will now find an active list of the last 50 server messages at the link below for each server. This is more intended to be a temporary solution for the maintainers of tools used by the community that track these so they will be able to continue working until we have a more permanent solution should the twitter feed stop functioning.

Information on making webhooks for your server:

Independence Feed Example:

Other Server Link Subdomains:

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Filleting meat with a full inventory will now stop at the beginning of the action instead of wasting the entire action timer and damaging the tool.
  • Bugfix: Wound healing rates on mouse hover will now update constantly instead of only on healing ticks.
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing tree stumps.
  • Bugfix: Catapulting fences and walls on a deed by non citizens, will no longer cause damage on PVE.
  • Bugfix: Offensive spells such as Charm Animal are no longer prevented from being cast on tamed/led creatures on PVE servers, as long as it is the taming/leading player casting it.
  • New: Added Discord integration alongside twitter as options for out of game logging.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Item Tag Fixes
    • Item tags will now go to the last active chat window.
    • You can now tag equipped items in the character window.
    • Items in worn backpacks, quivers, etc should now be taggable.
    • Color of rare tag is now in line with the rare color in other places.
    • A new setting has been put into the launch settings and in game settings that lets you select which button combo you wish to activate tagging. Current options are alt + click, shift + ctrl + click or disabled.