Christmas returns to Wurm Online!

Happy Holidays, Wurmians! From December 23rd 15:00 CET to January 9th 12:00 CET, we hope to warm your hearts with holiday spirit and some lovely festive findings! This year we have new Festive Fragments available to deck the halls and walls with, as well as last years’ Festive Fragments available at reduced rates (in case you have any yule deer and goat figurines to finish!) Visiting Santa in a starter town, or checking your own personal crafted Christmas Tree for a gift, will grant each premium player a stocking which will give a small gift each day to players from December 23rd to December 27th. You will be able to collect these gifts until January 9th (when the event closes) in case you are not able to make it online each day on the dates they unlock. To allow for further decorative freedom, stockings are dyeable! Along with Christmas this year, you might notice that we created a new system to show players how long events like this will run for. A new icon can be found in your spell effects with a countdown of how many days/hours till the event ends, so you’ll always be certain how much time you have to complete any festive plans! All of us on the Wurm Team wish you all a very merry, happy, and safe holiday season!