Patch Notes 25-OCT-2022

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: Fixed crates and other bulk containers sometimes being marked as “busy” forever after transferring bulk items, preventing them from being moved.
  • Bugfix: Various fixes to lighting and fires.
    • All lighting and related effects will now move properly when an item such a fireplace or campfire is pushed, pulled, or placed.
    • Snuffing a campfire will now properly remove related effects.
    • Open fireplaces will properly go dark when becoming unlit due to running out of fuel.
    • Furnace fire lighting effects (for forges, ovens, etc.) will now more reliably adjust their color and brightness as the furnace runs lower on fuel.
    • The “fire is fading” warning message will now more reliably appear.
    • At very low temperature/fuel, examining a fire would tell you it was not lit even though it was. Examine will now display a new, more helpful message under those circumstances instead.
    • When placing already-lit items on top of other items, or in some other circumstances such as renaming them, the light could become far brighter than intended. This has been fixed.
    • Painted light sources, such as lamps, will no longer appear painted when placed on other objects, having only colored light instead, to be consistent with how they normally appear in-game.
    • Light sources placed on other items will more reliably change their displayed name when lit or snuffed, and when their temperature changes.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Glow-runed items will now emit light properly when placed on top of other items.