Patch Notes 11-OCT-2022 & October’s Monthly Skin!

Server Changes

  • Change: Made Defiance starter deed permissions consistent with other PVP servers.
  • Change: Erupt is now only able to make a tile a max of 40 slope higher then its surrounding tiles, it is still able to fill in pits that are lower then 40 slope. Erupt will still turn tiles to lava if the slope is too high, just not add any additional slope to it.
  • New: Added a new title for 100 skill in Animal Taming. Congrats Moogien!

Client Changes

  • Bugfix: Made Keybinds work on items in the two crafting window slots.
  • Change: Tooltip Updates:
    • Butchering imbue no longer shows up as null in the tool tips.
    • Brass rune of Jackal was misnamed as RBsJ and has been updated to RBrJ to be consistent with other brass runes.

October’s Monthly Skin!

October’s “Menacing Medium Maul” skin will help you deliver some satisfyingly spiky bonks to your enemies! Available through the month of October in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a Medium Maul to give it a unique and fancy look.