Patch Notes 28-SEP-2022

Server Changes:

  • Change: Changes to Rifts:
    • Removed 1 wave from rifts, this reduces the total creatures spawned by about 40%
    • Rift Warmaster now gives 20 points instead of 1.
  • Change: Change to the Defiance Meditation cap:
    • The meditation level cap has been removed from Defiance, only knowledge will gain any effect from above the normal Defiance meditation cap still for now but any path can level it up as high as they want.
    • Reduced the time cool down between meditation level ups for defiance by half, the skill requirements will stay the same and this will effect all paths and all levels.

Client Changes:

  • Fix: Fixed a shader crash on new Mesa drivers.
  • Fix: Buffed Fog – it should now show better in the modern renderer.