Patch Notes 13-Sep-2022 & September’s Monthly Skin!

Server Changes

  • Change: Crude axe is now updated to use hatchet skill instead of pickaxe.
  • Change: When a player manually returns mail it will now last 2 weeks instead of 1 week before being deleted.

Client Changes

  • Bugfix: Statues and other ground objects will glow again when equipped with a glow rune.
  • Bugfix: Items that are both dyed and have a colour rune attached will now display their dyed colour when placed on the ground.
  • Change: Tweaks to creature condition colours on modern renderer.
  • Bugfix: UI client issues
    • Fixed text scaling on friends/support tabs.
    • Added show detailed hover option to options window.
    • Freelook mode will now have a crosshair again.
    • Added option on skill tracker to scale text size to the width.

We have also made a few optimizations to hopefully address some of the recent lag issues.

September’s Winged Helm Skin!

September’s monthly skin is the “Winged Helm”, invented by R. Plimey in 908 after an unfortunate horseback collision with an eagle. Available through the month of September in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to an Open Helm to give it a unique and fancy look.