Patch Notes 05-JUL-2022

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that was causing cedar items to decay much slower than intended.
  • Bugfix: Another fix to allow proper triggering of multiple journal goals by one achievement.
  • Bugfix: Fixes to UI lag issues.
  • Bugfix: Moon metal archaeology fragments will now transform into proper moon metal materials when the item is completed.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer place merchants on a bridge without a stall.
  • PVP Change: Must now place a merchant within your own kingdom’s influence on PVP servers.

Champions on Chaos

With champions having been removed from Epic and never introduced onto Defiance, the topic has also come up several times about removing them from Chaos. We feel that this is the best short-term solution until we have a chance to rebalance and reintroduce them.

We will disable champions for Chaos during the maintenance reset on July 12th. When this happens, any existing champion that logs in will dechamp shortly after, with -5 to all characteristics instead of the normal -6; everything else functions as a normal dechamp.

We hope to bring champions back in the future, but in a way that makes them less of a requirement to remain competitive and more of a fun gameplay choice.