Patch Notes 28-JUN-2022

  • Bugfix: Clarified description of “Create a Set of Cloth Armour” journal goal to mention tabards.
  • Change: “Create an Animal Skin Rug” goal will now accept mountain lion rugs.
  • Bugfix: Journal goals that exist in more than one tier, such as creating a chess set, are now triggered immediately in all applicable tiers when completed.
  • Change: Chess pieces will appear slightly larger now when placed/dropped on the ground.
  • Bugfix: Forage and Botanize will now give a chance for a rare roll for rare items given mid action.
  • Change: Changed how maps are generated to fix issues with black splotches extending from the top of some maps.

Bugfix: UI Fixes:

  • Fixed toolbelt not updating as often as it should.
  • Fixed no target button on the target window being delayed when hovering.
  • Fixed flashing elements to update as they should when animated (for climbing button and inventory).