Patch Notes 21-JUN-22

  • Bug fix: Corrected description of “Create a Meditation Rug” achievement.
  • Bug fix: The “Create 10 Masonry Fences” goal will now properly progress upon completion of any fence using the Masonry skill.
  • Bug fix: Achievements related to foraging cacoa beans now refer to the correct item and will trigger properly.
  • Bugfix: Fireplaces will now also give warnings about placing burnable items on them.
  • Bugfix: The cutlass and sabre rewards from treasure hunting are now improvable.
  • Bugfix: Can no longer cast dispel on items which have no enchants or you do not have permission to dispel.
  • Bugfix: (PVP) You must now be within range of a chained tower or village token to build or continue a new guard tower.
  • Change: Removed non combat hard skill requirements from focusing and left it to just the fighting skill roll instead.
    • This fixes being unable to focus with the new combat UI