Patch Notes 16-Nov-2021

Bugfix: Fixed unfinished items teleporting out of cave layer upon completion.

Bugfix: Pregnancy timers on Defiance and Elevation have been reduced to 4 hours on average. Like other pregnancy timers, there is some randomized difference added or subtracted from this.

Bugfix: Fixed sealing and unsealing items held in a worn item such as a backpack, or held in an equipment slot.

New: Players will now stop leading creatures when they are close to the server border.

Bugfix: Stopped the use of 1 per tile items if multiple are stacked up together on a tile

Bugfix: Fixed tree harvest timer.

Bugfix: Green tea leaves will no longer turn into Oolong tea leaves when placed inside a Magic Chest.

Bugfix: Using 1g sips of caffeine will no longer refresh the buff entirely.