Patch Notes 03/JUN/2021

  • New: Added examine messages for creatures eating out of pet bowls and searching the area for food
    • Examining a creature in an enclosure will show what containers it will eat from.
  • Change: Changes to Inspect Animal
    • You can now use “Inspect animal” on any creature, as long as you have over 10 Animal Husbandry.
    • The window will now also show the gender of the animal, colour, and parent names.
  • Change: Horses are now much more likely to pass on the colour of one of their parents.
  • Change: Name of parents of a creature will not show their age in the name displayed on Examine or in Inspect Animal. This only applies to cases where the parents are dead or on another server.
  • Change: Creatures will now only eat out of selected containers
    • Current containers that creatures can eat from when in an enclosure: Feeding Trough, Hitching Post, Small Bucket, Pet Bowl, Pottery Bowl
    • Creatures not in an enclosure can eat from an outdoor pet bowl, but will not eat from the others listed above
  • Change: Changes to Hay and Hay Production
    • Hay item sizes are now 4x heavier
    • Hay destruction in winter will be prevented
    • Hay tiles becoming dirt tiles will be prevented
  • Bugfix: Animals should no longer be able to travel through doors when looking for food.
  • Bugfix: Animals should now, once again eat out of hitching posts when they are hitched.
  • Bugfix: Animals will no longer continue to eat out of containers after moving the container to inventory.
  • Bugfix: Animals will now travel a maximum of 5 tiles for food. Animals will only travel for food if inside an enclosure, or in range of an outdoor pet bowl.
  • Bugfix: Pet bowl fixes
    • Sell value of the item has been lowered
  • Bugfix: Sheep model will now properly update to “fluffy” when it becomes able to be shorn
  • Bugfix: Feeding containers will now show the correct model when empty
  • Bugfix: Fixed being unable to ted drying tile in high sloped areas.
    • Scything grass in sloped areas will produce mixed grass in the player’s inventory
  • Bugfix: Horses being led by the player should no longer eat food remotely.
  • Bugfix: Animals will now correctly return to their original position after eating food
  • Bugfix: Horses will no longer run away upon disembarking or unhitching them

Note: A few things were not fully implemented during the update and need a quick fix coming soon to get them working. These include:

  • New: Added new titles for Soul Strength
  • New: Added new title for 100 skill in Natural Substances. Congrats Sidereal!
  • New: Icon for Hay
  • Bugfix: Pet Bowls can now be improved
  • Bugfix: Pet Bowls no longer stack into a pile when on the ground
  • Bugfix: Saddled animals will properly return to their original position after eating from a container

Client changes:

  • Change: It’s now possible to copy selected text from the in-game Wurmpedia, through a context menu option or CTRL+C
  • Bugfix: Terrain slope will no longer affect Pet Bowl text.
  • Bugfix: UI textboxes will now close correctly and will not stay on screen if their parent window is closed

Note: To help speed up your skilling in animal husbandry, and to make up for the extended downtime with the last update,  5 hours of sleep bonus (up to a cap of 10 hours) will be added to every account with the maintenance restart on June 10th. Thank you all for your patience with us!