Patch Notes 27/MAY/2021

New: Added over 50 new horse names, 80 donkey and mule names, and 50 unicorn names
Tweak: Increased action time of creating a hay tile
Bugfix: Fixed placing items on tables or other items not working
Bugfix: Fixed “Farm” option appearing on tiles that cannot be farmed
Bugfix: Fixed boats getting speed penalty due to their cargo

Note: We’re aware of technical issues preventing starting the client on some systems. For Windows we have found the most common reason being antivirus false positives, so disabling or adding an exception to your antivirus programs should fix it. You might need to reinstall the client with our installer for it to work afterwards.

We’re still working on fixing the crashes on Linux, for a workaround you can use the old UI (“./WurmLauncher -c”)