Patch Notes 29/DEC/20

  • New: Added a craftable variant of the checkerboard
  • New: Rifts, Runes, and Imbues are now enabled on the Northern Freedom Isles
  • Change: Checkers Boards will now fit on more tables.
  • Change: Source Spring Rework
    • Source springs will now respawn periodically around servers with a finite amount of source.
    • Springs disappear once the source is collected from them.
    • Current source springs and fountains will also stop regenerating source in them and will disappear once empty of source.
    • Underground source springs that spawn upon breaking cave walls will now spawn more often.
  • Change: You must now be on the same floor level as the vehicle in order to embark it.
  • Change: Gathering Runes and Imbue rework
    • Gathering Runes add +10% to the base quality, but that is capped at your skill level.
    • Imbues now add a bonus of up to 25% of the difference between the resulting quality and 100 at 100 imbue power. This can exceed your gathering skill.
    • The rune bonus is applied before the imbue bonus.
    • A breakdown of the imbue formula can be found here:
  • Bugfix: Removed duplicate message when taking items from Bulk Storage Bins and Crates
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue causing you to not be able to fight back when a hostile creature on deed targeted you first.
  • BugFix: Particle effect will no longer remain visible after picking up the Checkers Board.