Patch Notes: 26/AUG/20

  • Change: When enemies are in local, you will always disembark vehicles and mounts directly under them. Embark/ride max distance is now limited to 1 tile. (PvP only)
  • Change: Maximum drake and scale drop from unique kills has been slightly reduced on Defiance. (PvP only)
    • Note: No dragon or hatchling has been killed yet on Defiance.
  • Fix: Fixed stealing action making items busy, stealing can make settlement guards attack you. (PvP only)
  • Fix: Reverted the creature spawning distribution changes. Creatures should still no longer migrate north, but we are investigating the issue with creatures getting crowded in enclosures.
  • Shortly after this update, failed PayPal payments will be reimbursed. Purchasing through PayPal currently works as usual and should have no delay.