Patch Notes 10/AUG/20

  • Change: More server optimizations to reduce lag during high player counts
  • Change: Added a profanity filter to names during character creation
  • Bugfix: Certain things on the server (such as creature movement) should no longer run at a higher pace after a period of lag
    Bugfix: Fixed buggy human zombies being erroneously respawned
    Bugfix: Fixed items disappearing from the crafting window if their material type changes
  • Bugfix: Fixed decoration items decaying inside containers on deed
  • Priest changes (these changes affect all servers):
    • Fixed bug allowing more than intended priest links at one time
    • When linking you are now given a debuff that reduces your favor regen by 5x – this will also last for 15 minutes after you break a link
    • The minimum favor before being able to use the Favor for linked casts has been increased from 10 to 20
    • This is a short term solution due to potential abuses brought to our attention over the last week. We will be looking at the way linked priests work and how favour regeneration works and adjusting it as necessary in a coming update.