Patch Notes 1/AUG/20

  • More server lag optimization.
  • New: Added a new chat tab – Non-English Help.
    • Intended just for game play questions and looking for group, we’ll monitor the chat and decide if it needs more changes.
    • Regular chat rules apply (other than the English only rule)
    • The Non-English Help chat tab can be enabled and disabled via an option in Profile settings. It should also auto-detect the local client’s language and use it to open the chat tab for certain languages as well.
  • Change/Bug Fix: Village guard limit on Defiance has been reduced to 5.
    • Any villages with more than 5 will have them removed and refunded the hiring cost to village upkeep shortly after the server comes back up.
  • Bug Fix: Actually fixed blurry world maps on low graphical settings.
  • Change: Re-added the ‘Disable cursor when UI is hidden” option to the new settings window.