Patch Notes: New Tutorial Server

Hi Everyone

With the anticipation of the launch, we spent time ensuring our servers could handle the load of players, and beefing up the player limits to guarantee that. 

Unfortunately, the tutorial server also handles player transfers, logins, and other vital connections, which meant the attempts to log in were hitting the login server twice as hard as it had to handle more connections per person. 

We set the limit very cautiously, and we know this was a large cause of frustration, but while doing so, we took the steps necessary to address this. 

Thanks to the hard work of our server dev, we have split the tutorial from the existing login server to a new, dedicated tutorial server, called Haven. 

This addition will mean faster logins and transfers, and the hardware for the tutorial server can focus on players going through the tutorial alone. 

We’ll be doing a more extensive review of this to share later, and thank you for your patience with this time!

As a means of apology, we will be extending the 30% skill gain and affinity gain chance by 2 days. 

  • PvP notes:Grave stones no longer stack in piles with other items.
  • Grave stones will now spawn inside mines when a player is killed there.
  • Removed 20 fightskill requirment to repair towers.