Patch Notes 03/JUL/20

This update includes the new UI available via the Preview client. The information regarding the Preview client can be found here:

  • Change:  The mention of trader value has been removed from the Get Price option on items.
  • Change:  The current healing rate of a wound is now visible when the wound is examined, and when hovered over with the mouse or viewed in a window.
    • The information given is more precise at higher skill levels.
    • Information for wounds on another creature or player requires higher skill levels than viewing your own wounds.
    • Information given when hovering with the mouse or viewing the wound in a window requires higher skill levels than examining the wound.
    • The most basic level of information (whether a wound is stable, healing, or worsening) is always available for a player’s own wounds.
  • Bugfix:  Changed nolocate spell action verb to “casting” instead of “hiding” when casting the spell on a stack.
  • Bugfix:  Gods will no longer accept portions of food when sacrificing.
  • Bugfix: Changed “in the eyes” to “in [his/her/its] eyes” in insanity event message
  • Bugfix:  Fixed unintended pluralization of Valrei mission items.
  • PvP Bugfix: Blocked marks faith swap if new diety does not fit the kingdom template.