Patch Notes 13/SEP/19

Jackal Point shop

  • The Jackal point shop will now be open.
  • Every week a new weapon skin will be unlocked.
  • Tokens are no drop, but can be traded between players.
  • Once applied to the weapon the token will disappear and the weapon will keep that skin until another skin token is applied to it.
  • Skinned items will have an examine message indicating it is skinned.

Jackal Bugfixes and Changes

  • The difficulty of gathering rift materials on jackal has been reduced.
  • No wasted attempts on gathering failure on jackal.
  • Destroying Jackal beacons will now give more information about the server progression
  • Bugfix: Epic kingdoms will now be correct when returning to Epic after Jackal
  • Epic portals will not work from Jackal
    • All travel to and from Jackal must go via Freedom.

General Changes

  • Bugfix: Warmasters will now correctly lose invulnerability after all turrets destroyed
  • Bugfix: Armour damage values from rift creatures have been reduced
  • Bugfix: Jackal creatures will no longer appear in Freedom missions
    • All existing Jackal creatures spawned from missions on Freedom will be removed with this update