Patch Notes 05/SEP/19

  • Jackal Change: Trade chat will now be split between Jackal and other Freedom servers .
  • Jackal Change: Rift points gained for completing a rift scout area has been increased .
  • Jackal Bugfix: Corrected jackal influence examine message.
  • Jackal Bugfix: Non premium players will now be blocked from attempting to use the lodestone.
  • Jackal Bugfix: Players can now ascend to priesthood at Freedom beacons.
  • Jackal Bugfix: Rift scouts will no longer count towards rift creature cap.
  • Jackal Bugfix: Rift mobs should no longer get stuck on deed borders.
  • Bugfix: Tweaked spawn table to stop wild boar overpopulation.
  • Bugfix: Corrected lamps appearing unlit.