Patch Notes 30/AUG/19 Jackal Awaits!

Patch Notes : Jackal Awaits!

Announcing the Jackal Server 

  • Jackal is a new time limited server lasting six months that players can transfer to from every other server.
  • Accessing the Jackal server will require the player to be premium.
  • To initially access Jackal, rifts will spawn at server opening with specific scheduled start times listed below
Independence6PM Fri UTC
Deliverance10PM Fri UTC
Pristine2AM Sat UTC
Chaos6AM Sat UTC
Celebration10AM Sat UTC
Xanadu2PM Sat UTC
Exodus6PM Sat UTC
Release10PM Sat UTC
Serenity2AM Sun UTC
Desertion6AM Sun UTC
Affliction10AM Sun UTC
Elevation2PM Sun UTC
  • Once rift on that server is closed a lodestone will appear allowing transport to Jackal.
  • Jackal lodestones can be player crafted with rift materials, stone bricks and mortar and used as regular portals to Jackal after the initial rift is closed.


Jackal is a hostile alien server with a vastly different aesthetic to the lands of Freedom. 

  • Pine, orange and lemon tree types have been removed from Jackal.
  • Six new tree types have been added. 
  • Jackal has the Epic hybrid skillgain system with 3x skill and 3x action speed.
  • Skill gained on Jackal will transfer to Freedom at a reduced rate 
    • Disabled for the first few weeks to ensure when it is enabled it works smoothly
    • When enabled will apply to any skill gained from the beginning of jackal
  • A new Jackal journal tier has been added
    • Certain tasks within the standard journal tiers have been disabled from triggering while on Jackal.
  • Completing certain tasks on Jackal will reward the player with Jackal points, redeemable for new item skins on Freedom.
    • Item skins to come in the coming weeks and months

Jackal creatures

  • Added Isopod
  • Added Giant Crab
  • Added Weta – the new ridden creature. 
    • Cannot wear gear 
    • Can ride up 50 slope
    • Custom spawn table for jackal, not all creatures will spawn there

Corruption Clearing

  • Corruption can be cleared by creating freedom beacons and destroying jackal beacons.
  • Jackal beacons are defended by increasingly difficult groups of creatures, which will all need to be defeated before their hearts can be burned at the beacons in order to destroy them
  • Destroying jackal beacons will make it easier for freedom beacons to radiate their influence in the area
  • Following a god and becoming a priest will be available from freedom beacons
  • The prayer faith gain limit has been doubled from 5 to 10 per 24 hours uptime on jackal only.

Rift changes

  • New point calculation system
  • New point buy system 
    • Defeating rift creatures and closing rifts will now reward players with Rift Points.
    • Rift points are now used to purchase specific items instead of RNG loot as before.
    • Accessible from lodestones and mailboxes when you have points to redeem

Updated Rift Creature AI

  • Each rift creature now has attacks and special mechanics depending on their type
  • New sounds for all Jackal creatures
  • Tweaked combat stats of Jackal creatures
  • Rifts now spawn in 4 waves that ramp up slower

Rift scouts 

  • Small groups of Rift creatures will spawn across the server. 
  • These creatures will provide a small challenge and reward the players with rift resource collection nodes and some rift points when defeated.

Changes to creature spawns

  • We will be trialling a new creature spawn table on two Freedom servers, Deliverance and Pristine. Players may see some new creatures previously only known on PvP servers.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Change: Guard towers on elevation now take 2x damage, the warning message to kingdom has been lowred to 50 damage to account for this.
  • Change: Players on elevation can now lead 2 horses while walking only.
  • Epic Bugfix: Village reputation will now be checked before declaring war
  • PvP Bugfix: Tile distance limitations will no longer block transmutating tiles to dirt.
  • Elevation Bugfix: Epic players will now deal damage again while path of hate rage is active.

Client Changes

  • Bugfix: Fixed ‘FBO not bound’ launch crash
  • Bugfix; Fixed certain quickbind key names not showing
  • Bugfix: Fixed select bar selection updating when moving the camera instead of clicking