Jackal: The Stronghold

The Stronghold

Deep into the wilderness of Jackal lies a fortified position that is home to a special beacon powerful enough to radiate its influence to the far edges of Jackal. As players expand farther into Jackal, it will become harder and harder to create beacons strong enough to overpower this influence. Breaching into this stronghold will be a difficult but necessary task to completely rid the lands of the corrupting influence.

Those brave enough to breach and defeat the stronghold will receive a large number of Jackal points which will be redeemable by their character when they travel back to the lands of Wurm. Completing other tasks on Jackal will also reward these points, and when redeemed will allow players to choose from a list of special item skin variants that can then be applied to an existing item to cosmetically change it. The list of available skins will be expanding over the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out.

In addition to Jackal points, random rewards from completing Rifts and Rift Scouts will be replaced with Rift points which can be redeemed in a similar manner for the player’s choice of items from the Rift reward table.
Points can be saved and collected across servers and multiple rifts, with some items requiring attending multiple rifts to earn enough points to claim.