Jackal: The Creatures of Jackal


Roaming freely across the lands of Jackal are some of the creatures usually seen strictly at Rift locations  as well as some new creatures seen only in these new lands . Exploring Jackal will have you meet giant crabs, isopods and wetas – the last of which is able to be ridden by those brave enough.  Some familiar creatures from the lands of Wurm will roam as well, with a custom spawn table for the server.

The Isopod has a very hard shell to pierce

The Weta is a new means of transport

Back in the lands of Wurm players will come across small parties of Rift creatures known as Scouts in the wilderness searching for new landing locations for Rifts to complete their invasion plans. Defeating these Scouts will be possible for small teams of players or even the more adventurous solo player, and upon defeat will allow players to collect a small number of rift resources from the area as well as award points towards the updated reward system for Rifts and Jackal that will be detailed later this week.