Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

Elevation Revamp

Following discussion and a poll today we launch the new Elevation with a new map and many adjusted mechanics. These features only apply to Elevation with home servers keeping the usual mechanics. The Epic cluster will go down at approximately 9pm GMT for a quick restart with the following features enabled:

  • Elevation now has a new map with new starter deeds:
    • New Hope – Jenn-Kellon – North East.
    • Ignis – Mol-Rehan – North West.
    • Doomspine – Horde of the Summoned – South West.
  • Maximum digging slope has been reduced to 150 .
  • Maximum surface mining / tunneling slope has been reduced to 60.
  • There now needs to be a minimum of 3 tiles between mine doors.
  • A deed will disband automatically after five chained deed drains.
  • Meditation abilities over level 9 have been disabled.
  • Hate Damage Bonus Now Increases lockpicking chance.
  • Element Immunity now only lasts 5 minutes down from 30.
  • Characteristics and Fighting related skills receive less combat bonus in the higher levels(scaling).
  • Removed rare bonus from boats(No replacement for now).
  • Rare horse gear now takes less damage instead of granting a speed bonus.
  • Horses give birth faster.
  • Fresh Item Pool, cannot cross items from home server to elevation and back.
    • This is enforced with a player lockout if old items are found trying to be equipped or used. In order to resolve this a GM will be needed to remove them.
  • Border crossing will be disabled, travel only available via portal.
  • Trader contracts will not be purchasable and traders cannot be placed.
    • Traders will only sell Res Stones/Large Magic Chests/Sleep Powder/Shaker Orbs and can only be found in your starter town.
  • While item ban is in effect cross server mail is not available.
  • Increased cooldowns on Truestrike, Stoneskin and Continuum
  • Physical damage resistance and penalty effects from sorcery items changed to fall damage.
  • Karma home teleport has been disabled.
  • No new champions, current champions will be dechamped without the stat loss and will be given 70 faith.
  • Hell horses and Unicorns cannot be hitched or ridden.
  • For the first month moon metal from magic chests are removed, and a hota win offers slightly less than normal. The chest drop table has also been edited to include flint and steels and compasses.

As usual encountering any bugs or errors is best handled by reporting via the server bugs forum if not sensitive or ticket ingame if sensitive. Abuse of any of these mechanics or bugs can and will lead to harsh penalties.