Patch Notes 27th/JUNE/19 – Legendary tweaks


  • Change: Changes have been made to Legendary creatures regarding spawning and locating as listed below:
    • Removed from pendulum locates..
    • Removed from Reveal Creatures casts.
    • Removed from Get Info from Path of Knowledge.
    • There is no longer a preferred type of region for specific unique spawning.
    • Removed Server and Twitter notifications of Legendary Creatures spawning.
    • Legendary Creatures will path back to their spawn when over 30 tiles away if they have no target to attack and will not spawn within 30 tiles of a deed.
  • Tweaks and additions to Valrei mob AI
    • Nogump and drakespirit AI added.
    • Fixed pathing and targetting issues.
  • New:  You can now grow woad in pottery planters.
  • New:  Dyeable cloth barding has been added.  See notes below:
    • Dyeable cloth barding has been added.
    • Standard cloth barding has had its creation recipe changed.
      • It now is created with a needle and cloth square, and finished with 1 woad and 1 cochineal.
    • The dyeable cloth barding has two colour values – one for the barding and one for the pattern.
    • Dye pattern dyes the pattern only and uses LYE to remove that dyed section.
    • Paint colours the whole barding (except for the pattern) and uses a metal brush to remove.
  • Bugfix:  Added a check to prevent a  journal completion reward to be executed again.
  • Bugfix: Removed Stasis spell message from bank management popup question.
  • Bugfix:  Lunchboxes will once again be tin instead of lead.

Art Changes

  • Added white cloth barding, dyeable with two colour values.
  • Bardings, saddle, saddlebags and bridles now show dye when equipped.
  • Added woad planter model.
  • Deer now show condition colours.
  • Added salmon pile model.