Patch Notes: 14/FEB/19 Visible Fruit and Head Bobbing

  • Bugfix: Champions will now properly get 80 actual channelling instead of effective.
  • Bugfix: Deny all permission on branded horses will now override deed permissions.
  • Bugfix: Fix for piles of items that cannot be interacted with.

Client Changes:

  • New: Added optional head bob during animations.
    • This can be disabled in the Graphics tab of the Settings, under ‘Enable Head Bob’.
  • New: Revamped the animations with smoother blending.
  • New: Display fruit on harvestable trees and bushes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed glitchy door, gate and mine door animations.
  • Bugfix: Fixed player animations snaps and glitches.
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect torch lamp flame size.

Art Changes:

  • Someone’s gone and painted hearts on the sides of the sheep! Don’t kill them though, that would break their hearts.
  • Bugfix: Animations of actions starting on floors will no longer use the building animation.