Patch Notes 22/NOV/18

  • New: New horse colors added.
  • New: Hens and Roosters can now be white, black or brown.
  • New: Added Statue of Tich – can be crafted with marble shards. Metal versions are available through archaeology.
  • Change: Show death reason on corpse description for Cared For creatures.
  • Change: Added the ability to care for a creature while it is caged.
  • Change: Hell Foals and Unicorn Foals grow faster on pvp servers like normal Foals
  • Change: You should no longer waste a full sap harvest if your bucket is full upon beginning the harvest action.
  • Bugfix: Unicorn foals will no longer lose their name when transitioning to adult.
  • Client bugfix: Fixed glitchy lighting on terrain decorations